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Gain from Immersive VR experience

Virtual Reality next big thing in the market. Businesses are bestowed with a great opportunity to inform, instruct, involve, impassion and customers by impacting them. Key advantages are total immersion, provision of a sense of scale as well as longer and better memorizing, innovative storytelling capabilities and rapid prototyping.

Crafsol provides any type of interactive virtual visualization services, VR (Virtual Reality), AR (Augmented Reality), MR (Mixed Reality) and whatever else may come up. All visualization methods that attract the user with breath-taking images, audio and interactive scenarios. The result: exceptional involvement and improved performance.

VR, in simplest words, is a computer-generated 3D experience with which you can create realistic images, sensations or sounds that simulate a user’s physical presence in a virtual or imaginary environment. You, in fact, transform to be a part of the virtual world where you can control objects and perform certain actions.

Our Specialties

Good Library of films

of the relevant environment so that the necessary elements for training can be superimposed.

Rent Lease or buy

the software depending on your needs to reduce your pay-back time and cost.

Create fantastic storytelling

session and increase better understanding and compliance and active student participation.

Virtual Reality

Benefit for You

  • Impressive VR experience to serve your exact purpose
  • Genuine, realistic and well formatted for VRML( Virtual Reality Modeling Language) standards
  • Quickest turnaround time with efficient project management
  • Customized and affordable VR price structure for our clients
  • Increased Efficiency – Availability of robots 24 x 7

Services we Offer

Crafsol’s team partners with you to understand your requirements, and craft top notch VR solution for you

  • A customized and interactive experience to the prospective customers
  • Unique video displays by combining virtual reality, high-quality audio, 3D graphics, video projection, etc.
  • Enhanced experiences by the virtual 3D showroom which will help them to interact with the products online
  • Immersive gaming experience to reach a wider audience by bringing the 3D characters to life

Virtual Reality

Project & Solutions

Visualization of commercial and residential properties

Customers can explore the entire model while making suitable changes such as furniture placement, interior design features, space planning, etc. in real time.

Unique brand experience to the customers

Fun and Flexible marketing collaterals made from virtual reality to generate interest and excitement in the potential buyers to associate with the client’s brand

Virtual training for Police Department

Virtual situations for police department to help them understand and fight situations that can be risky of life threatening

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