Solutions for digitally-orchestrated factory floors

The digital transformation of the factory with Industry 4.0 solutions is unfolding rapidly. The traditional manufacturing workshops is fast transforming to smart shop-floor driven by MES and aided by IoT enabled production. IT systems are now run in more flexible and cost-effective ways, reclaiming resources and focusing on newer offerings and improved agile processes.

Crafsol joins hands with manufacturers to build an integrated manufacturing ecosystem that reinforces core strengths. We help manufacturing companies to transform and adopt advanced tools to drive their business to next level. Crafsol partners with enterprises for integration of continuous innovation and latest platforms for unparalleled digital ecosystem.

Data from products, customers, supply chains, sensors and production operations are generating actionable intelligence and augmenting decision-making.

Crafsol enables a digitally orchestrated factory with a wide range of solutions

Customer-centric manufacturing

With connected devices and services, Crafsol delivers a seamless experience for the customers by enabling new ways for the production assets and workforce to collaborate and innovate.

Better cost-metrics

Crafsol helps to control costs by building connected assets and providing deep insights, that was previously unavailable, into the manufacturing process.


Services we Offer

Crafsol offers several solutions to help manufacturers accelerate product transformation and build new revenue opportunities.

  • Connecting assets throughout your production ecosystem to device engineering that includes IoT and sensor integration.
  • Generation next technologies to automate and enhance business processes using RPA, artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML)
  • We provide deep insights through our data analytics platform, which allows you to perform rapid data analysis before you invest at scale.
  • Enable predictive analytics capabilities for more informed, strategic and operational decisions that help you rapidly gain the full value of your company’s digital transformation.


Projects and Solutions

Deep manufacturing

process insights and dashboard using IIoT

Advanced production

planning and scheduling with demand analytics

Improved asset utilisation

and lower maintenance costs with predictive analytics

AI enabled solutions

for elimination of bottlenecks on the production line.

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