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Transportation and logistics is reeling under multiple forces. On the positive side are the growth in the market and demand as logistics becomes the nerve center of global commerce. But alongside there are increasing pressures on costs, managing the flexibility in demand and keeping the capacity optimised. As logistics providers seek certainty and clarity in their operations in the backdrop of several disruptive changes starting from volatile fuel prices to regulatory compliance, digital transformation of the sector shows the way.

By leveraging our extensive portfolio of digital technologies, we help the clients to build the most accurate insights that drive better and faster decision making. Whether its air, modern rail and metro, road transport, shipping or management of logistics operations (3PL, 4PL) Crafsol’s tailor-made solutions deliver on high RoI every time.

Crafsol understands that winning in the transportation and logistics services is all about speed.

Functional Focus

Improve Customer experience

Enhance the customer and partner experience throughout the supply chain

Ensure Operational Efficiency

Predict demand fluctuations to optimise assets and their availability, ensure improved cost metrics

Reduce risks

Enable complete compliance for safe and secure movement of materials, people and assets

Logistics and Transportation

Services we offer

Crafsol is helping our T&L clients in this transformation by identifying opportunities across the value chain. Explore how you can leverage our service-centric approach to transform your company’s IT landscape

  • Big Data and Analytics to create opportunities that can bring operational and cost efficiencies to the industry
  • SAP HANA transport management services for complete digitization of Requirement management, Planning and Optimization
  • Application development & maintenance to deliver the capabilities required to thrive in the fast-moving world of transportation & logistics
  • Cloud based solutions to enable easy and quick access data and reports for analysis

Logistics and Transportation

Projects and Solutions

Efficient tracking

of transportation and smart warehouse for perishable goods using IoT

Reducing costs

and cycle time for export approvals with RPA

Intelligent warehouses

with optimised space and operational cost metrics using cloud based solution

IoT based tracking

of assets in road transportation with real-time cost-metrics dashboard

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