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Enterprise Moblility Services

Remote working convenience With Enterprise Mobility Services

A lot of enterprises are now allowing their employees to do their work from remote areas with the assistance of their own computing gadgets that are connected through the cloud. In this regard, we provide enterprise mobility solutions to businesses.

Crafsol offers you specific mobility solutions in order to reduce the overall complexities that are actually involved in the management of the company’s data on various mobile devices. It is quite crucial to understand the importance of enterprise mobility in order to gauge the requirement of enterprise mobility solutions.

Enterprise mobility that we offer allows the company employees the flexibility and the freedom to work on any device from anywhere. This leads to the improvement of work satisfaction among employees, which leads to increased productivity. Earlier, the devices utilized for work purposes were provided by the company. Now, as a number of employees are buying their own devices as well as using apps for them, the trend of BYOD or Bring Your Own Device is on the peak.

We build mobile applications, and provide complete support and maintenance of the mobile platform. Crafsol provides SAP mobility solutions, enterprise mobility services, enterprise mobility management solutions, enterprise mobility development.


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Enterprise mobility is essentially an approach where a business provides its employees to work at anytime as well as from anywhere, using a wide range of devices and applications. Also, enterprise mobility refers to the usage of mobile devices like smartphones and tablets by employees for different business purposes.

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Accelerate your enterprise With Mobility Solutions

Native mobile enterprise solutions

We design native apps for many platforms in order to offer a high-performance, genuinely mobile corporate solution, which is essential for people searching for optimization.

Cross platform enterprise solutions

Thanks to the code reusability of cross-platform apps, we can construct a cross-platform corporate solution that will run on all of your devices while consuming the least amount of development time.

Custom management software

The unique enterprise mobility management software, to supplement the business mobility solution we provide, will assist you in all aspects of administration.

Rigorous security testing

Based on our experience and expertise in enterprise mobility solutions, we have established stringent security standards to adapt to any corporate mobile app we create.

All around compatibility

Our corporate solutions have been tested to function on all major devices and operating systems, as well as any operating system you specify in your specifications.

Custom enterprise solution

Every company is unique, and so are our solutions for them. Once you submit your needs, we will guarantee that your input is taken into account for anything that is important.

Projects & Solutions

Through our use cases, you will understand how Crafsol provides you with the best enterprise mobility services for the most practical applications and real-world usages.

End to End visibility

with comprehensive dashboards to track manufacturing availability, performance, and quality. Complete tracking of raw materials and finished goods through mobile devices enables better integration of teams and greater visibility of the sales force.

Complete control over inventory

And stocks in the warehouse for retail, enabling them to be aware of stocks of particular products and their alternatives available which are not on display to prevent customer drop off from them, ensuring the best customer satisfaction.

Efficient operational control

With mobile-based access to production line job request status, inventory and planning information with pop-up alerts from the production line


Sales track credit record history, which provides credit records of hospitals, clinics, and pharmacists to facilitate credit policy for the particular customer.

Our Competencies

Mobile Application Development

Mobility Management & Security services