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Cyber Security Strategy Architrchture & Consulting Services

Building a secure business environment for data protection and privacy

Necessity of a Secure Strategy Architecture

Today, your firm is only one security breach away from tragedy. To minimize the disastrous repercussions of data theft and violation of consumer privacy, your chief information security officers (CISOs) must include safe enterprise architectural concepts into your security programs and be ready to take swift pre-emptive action. It is no longer sufficient to manage risk based on past knowledge about business settings and corporate goals. Because of the increased number and complexity of threats, your company must modify the way it handles risk to secure data security and privacy.

How Crafsol Helps You

Crafsol collaborates with you to establish a safe business environment for data by delivering complete, business-aligned enterprise security architectures supported by people, processes, and technology to reduce risks and costs. Our solutions and services for cloud computing security and system security architecture are completely compliant with sophisticated information security requirements, we are confident that a well-designed enterprise information security architecture (EISA) configuration founded in business strategy and connected with IT initiatives will significantly increase the value of your organization.

About Service

With Crafsol, you can transform the way you manage risk. Increase the value of your organization by leveraging our experience in deploying complete, business-aligned corporate information security infrastructures.

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Transformational Effects

  • Achieve strong EISA
  • Align EISA with enterprise architecture
  • Enable rapid adaptation for business agility
  • Enhance productivity through improved communications
  • Achieve cost advantages through standardization
  • Enable cross-enterprise security requirements

Orchestrating the transformation with Crafsol


We provide in-depth perspectives that enable you to address security challenges. We help you learn the steps to achieve better economies of scale within your enterprise system and cloud security architectures, educate your staff across departments and geographies, provide training and more.



Crafsol enables flexible EISA that accommodate growth and next-generation technologies. We provide security architecture design for your cloud, on-premises, data protection, identity and access management, mobile device management and IoT security.



Witness first-hand the ongoing development of scalable, flexible business imperatives and how to reduce risks to your organization. Our security experts help you with many forms of security architecture implementations and documentation.



Leverage methodologies that establish business requirements’ analysis as the basis for security. This model includes our computer security architecture frameworks created from extensive practical experience and a layered approach.