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At Crafsol, we believe that improving the customer experience, whether external to the company or internal to the organisation, should be the ultimate goal of a digital transformation plan.

We accomplish this by hastening the deployment of technology within a business and optimising its impact.

Our digital transformation consulting services are effective for your business as they address how people, processes, and technology interact to influence company outcomes such as customer experience.

Crafsol’s comprehensive approach is how businesses  successfully stay up with technological disruption by equipping teams across the company with mechanisms for evaluating new technologies and dealing with fast change.

About Service

To use the power of a design-led approach to the simplification of digital processes. The goal of digital consulting is to use emerging technology to improve experience design, customer experience, and marketing transformation.

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Why Choose CrafSol

Crafsol believes that most firms struggle with digital transformation because they assume that technology can address all of their business problems.

We address organizational challenges like organisational friction, inadequate psychological safety, cognitive overload among teams, a lack of empowerment and autonomy, or insufficient governance, process, and product lifecycle management. 

Our aim is to integrate your team’s ideas with the finest practices and technologies available in open source communities. Crafsol’s specialists have extensive knowledge of modern technology, open source communities, and the fundamental transformational techniques required to maximise the potential of your teams.

Unlike some digital transformation consulting firms, we don’t believe in one prescribed methodology or practice. We have dozens of field-tested open practices to accelerate cultural change and establish high-performing teams.

We believe social contracts, pair programming, and practices that cultivate transparency, psychological safety, and trust are essential ingredients to build high-performing, problem-solving teams.

Our open practices are underpinned by our adaptive framework that meets the challenge and environment where it is. We help teams establish a healthy cadence between thinking and doing, so they not only commit to action, but probe, sense, and respond in order to solve complex problems.

What Makes us Different

Our Competencies

Digital Transformation Roadmap and Strategy​

By delivering innovative IoT-powered solutions, Internet of Things service enables organisations to transform business needs into competitive differentiators. We offer comprehensive IoT services to our clients, ranging from integrating the right sensors and deriving inspired insights to selecting the best-fit platform.

Change Management

To put in place methods for bringing about change, regulating change, and assisting individuals in adapting to change