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Digital Transformation Strategy & Roadmap

Kickstart your digitalization journey with Strategy & Roadmap

With the advent of the digital era, every firm is now involved in some manner with digital technology. As enterprises face a new digital world, Crafsol takes the centre stage in developing the right strategies and road-map for your digital transformation process.

We recognize the gravity of this new reality, and we help you in undergoing your Digital Transformation with the help of our experts and partner solutions. We provide you with new digital technology and business models that can have a substantial impact on your organization.

The effectiveness with which our programs are implemented ensure that their influence is always favourable for your business. Our optimal approach would be to develop a digital ennoblement plan in tandem with a digital transformation road-map. These assists organizations in navigating their digital transformation activities.

How does a digital transformation strategy and roadmap help your business?

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By delivering innovative IoT-powered solutions, Internet of Things service enables organizations to transform business needs into competitive differentiators. We offer comprehensive IoT services to our clients, ranging from integrating the right sensors and deriving inspired insights to selecting the best-fit platform.

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Our Digital Strategy Model & Roadmap

Crafsol's digital strategy methodology is intended to add rigour to the blueprinting process. Each digital strategy roadmap engagement is tailored to your specific needs and results in five major deliverables that address crucial questions:

Strategic direction

We make strategic decisions that steer the organisation in a specific direction.

Risk appetite and budget

We assist in balancing the risk of change and unproven technology with Budgeting.

Technology enablement

We deliver emerging technology that the organization uses to alter its operations.

Pace of change

The rate at which an organization is willing or able to undergo change.

Business agility

The organization's adaptability and flexibility to change.

How we help in your Strategic Decisions

Digital vision

What is the impact of digital on your industry? What new services, business models, and operating methods can it enable? What new adversaries could it empower?

Competitive advantage assessment

What impact does digital have on competitive advantage? Is your organization well-placed? Where do you have a disadvantage?

Prioritized list of digital bets.

Which digital options, based on value potential, are aligned with your business strategy as well as your ambition and capabilities? How should you go about pursuing them?

Gap analysis

What gaps in competencies, organization, and systems must be filled based on your bets in order to win?

Transformation roadmap

What are the timeframes, goals, and accountability for each of your programs? What steps are required to finance the journey?