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App Maintenance & Support

One-stop solutions for Application Maintenance

Today, businesses are application-driven and want seamless applications for the sleek functioning of business processes. The fast-growing market dynamics require that businesses keep their applications updated in order to gain a benefit over the competition and see growth in business. The sheer amount of applications that organizations of all sizes have to manage is staggering. For enterprises alone, that number can rise into the thousands.

The enormity of combating this task can be a drain on IT resources. Instead of putting their efforts towards growing your business, your IT team is bogged down by the requirement to manage these apps. To tackle this problem, Crafsol provides you managed software solutions. And for business application management specifically, that means turning to Application Managed Services (AMS). Application support and maintenance services are aimed to ensure that applications are highly available, reliable, and relevant to evolving business needs.

Our Service Offering

Application support

Resolution of identified issues of varying complexity (from basic usage problems to application code or database defects)

Application maintenance

Continuous application monitoring and optimization. Agile-driven application evolution: introducing new app features and integrations, re-architecting, etc.

About Service

Application maintenance and support focuses on stabilization of your applications, optimization of provided services and applications improvement.

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The Crafsol Approach

We employ automation to simplify workflow and deliver continuous improvements based on feedback. Our service makes operations more efficient and the business more nimble by continually improving IT systems.

Greater efficiency through industrialized service 

Increased value realization via alignment of business and IT

By employing outcome-based end-to-end SLA responsibility, we link IT and business agendas.

We provide ongoing assistance for continual development, change, and innovation.

Transformation inflight

Business Benefits with Application Maintenance Services

Better Flexibility

We use our diverse skills, techniques, and adaptable engagement models to meet your specific business needs.

Improved Efficiency

Improve efficiency by implementing our systematic execution method, which is focused on system progress and faster operating processes.

Proactive Monitoring

Get a 360-degree perspective of your network's, apps, and security support's power to spot fragility and avoid unanticipated process interruptions.

High Scalability

Scale and deliver scalable solutions that are easy to build and customize with our progressive agreement matrix and SLAs.