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// Overview

Transforming Automotive Industry

Digital transformation provides value to the automobile sector by disrupting the  automotive value chain, resulting in increased efficiency and cost reductions. The growth of industry-leading platforms, aided by an increase in the breadth and depth of accessible data, accelerates and amplifies the effect of digital technology. Existing players’ business models are being disrupted as a result of these transformations, pushing them to radically reassess their operations.

To keep up with the rate of digital transformation, stakeholders across the value chain are re-evaluating their structure, staff skills, recruiting processes, data collection and analysis, and how they build relationships inside and beyond the ecosystem. We support our clients in the same including helping strengthening  relationships with dealers and suppliers, as well as the necessity to engage and sustain trust with customers and their high expectations.

Our Focus Areas

Key Technologies & Trends

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Artificial intelligence technologies such as ArtificiaI Intelligence, Internet Of Things, Machine Learning, deep learning and computer vision are transforming automotive industry

Big Data & Data Analytics

Data gathered from vehicles enables predictive maintenance, informs managers about their fleets, and alerts concerned authorities in case of accidents.

Human-Machine Interface

Human-machine interfaces (HMI) use voice-based or haptic feedback to operate vehicles. These expand the scope of how and what aspects of an automobile that users can control.

Sample Case Studies

Leading Automotive Company

Leading Automotive Company is a joint venture between a US Based Automotive company and an Indian automotive company. In operation since July 2008, client is multi-brand, multi-division company comprising of a complete range of Trucks and Buses, Client Buses, exclusive distribution of Trucks in India, engine manufacturing and export hub for the Group, non-automotive engines and component business.