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Managed Cloud Security

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Our Cloud Security Managed Service is a type of cloud management provision that offloads security monitoring, reporting, and technical support. It can include managing intrusion detection, firewall management, oversight of the company’s virtual private network (VPN), antivirus configuration and vulnerability testing.

Employing managed security services means that internal IT teams have more time to focus on new business developments, while our experts at Crafsol manage all aspects of cloud cybersecurity for your company. The more business is conducted online, the more important cloud security becomes. The COVID-19 pandemic dramatically accelerated the adoption of virtual tools and platforms, causing a fundamental operational shift for organizations across the world. As businesses increasingly rely on cloud technologies, there is suddenly more at stake. Expanding operations in the cloud makes security breaches more costly. Subsequently, proactive mitigation becomes more valuable.

To proactively bolster your security in the cloud, we help you define and reconcile the strengths and limitations of your internal resources, best practices for access and monitoring, disaster recovery procedures, and regulatory compliance (particularly in the healthcare and financial services verticals).

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Cloud security offers significant benefits to businesses through automated systems that provide 24/7 continuous protection, without the need for human intervention.

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What Benefits do Managed Cloud Security Services Provide

Comprehensive Monitoring & Analytics

We can monitor complicated networks with hundreds of network locations in real time and evaluate data from four primary channels.

Protect Against Insider and Outsider Threats

Survey estimates 95% of Cloud-based threats will be internal. We protect you against all threats, inside and out.

Accelerated Detection, Response, and Remediation

Our clients frequently cut their time to detection and treatment by more than 85%.

Cost-Effective Protection

We offer full next-generation security at a fraction of the expense of assembling a comparable staff in-house.

Managing SaaS and IaaS concurrently

While the security requirements for SaaS and IaaS differ, there is some commonality in the assessment of security setup, access control, and data protection. These cloud security aspects may be controlled by Crafsol’s cloud experts for both IaaS and SaaS, depending on your team organization.

We believe that cloud computing is all about moving your business quicker. Scaling to a global client base or all of your workers is often simple and provides for business growth. Choose the method of cloud security management that best meets your risk tolerance and ensures the protection of your most essential data, so you can reap the benefits of the cloud without compromise.