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Internet of Things

Bringing out Business Value with Internet of Things

Crafsol is at the epicentre of the Internet of Things revolution.

Crafsol is here to set a new industry standard for IoT and embedded devices, with an unrivalled choice of product architectures, development tools, and software, as well as a world-class network of partners that allow AI and end-to-end security.

Crafsol, in collaboration with our partners, delivers the technology and solutions needed to handle the difficulties of IoT development, allowing for faster time to market and value.

Unleashing the Internet of Things’ Potential

Crafsol connects a large worldwide ecosystem of technological partners. We can unlock the IoT’s potential if we work together. We provide the most fully featured, accessible, and secure IoT development solutions by merging hardware and software on the industry-standard architecture for the future of computing.

CrafSol's Industrial IOT Solutions

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By delivering innovative IoT-powered solutions, Internet of Things service enables organizations to transform business needs into competitive differentiators. We offer comprehensive IoT services to our clients, ranging from integrating the right sensors and deriving inspired insights to selecting the best-fit platform.

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IoT World: An Innovation Hotspot

Smart Cameras

Enabling the future with cloud-connected, secure, intelligent, and smart vision devices.


Intelligent storage solutions enable IoT installations by providing speed, efficiency, power, and scalability.


Smart manufacturing, robots, and artificial intelligence (AI) have the potential to boost production, increase safety, and lower costs across the industrial sector.

Smart Homes

Intelligent technology and home automation are altering the way we live, from voice assistants to smart appliances.

Transform to Intelligent Enterprise With Crafsol’s IOT Solutions

Create new efficiency in production by monitoring machine and product quality

Machines may be continually monitored and examined to ensure that they are operating within the acceptable tolerances. Products may also be monitored in real time to detect and correct quality issues.

Futuristic modifications in business processes

The use of IoT devices for linked assets to monitor the health of remote equipment and trigger service calls for preventative maintenance is one example. The capacity to remotely monitor machinery is also allowing new product-as-a-service business models, in which customers do not need to purchase a product but instead pay for its use.

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Drive efficiencies and new possibilities in existing processes

With Crafsol’s IoT Solutions, you may digitalize your supply chain, ERP, HR, and customer experience (CX) systems. Use intelligent, predictive algorithms and digital twins to increase operational efficiency, increase worker productivity, improve customer experience, and develop new business models and prospects.