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Product Research & Migration

At Crafsol, we understand that there are unforeseen risks which are involved in the development of new products and services. We believe that to reduce the likelihood of unfavourable outcomes, it is critical to have a thorough awareness of your customers’ needs as well as undertake effective product research and development. Our team of experts thoroughly research and test the product on the basis of what the market needs and how our Client’s product fits in the same market.

We have the newest technology and professional people to transfer your whole product database, including SKUs, names, descriptions, offers or discounts, characteristics, photos, category or sub-categories, price, customer data, order details, transaction history, and other information.

Crafsol’s product data transfer experts guarantee constant quality and zero data loss when moving your shopfront data to any other shopping cart of your choosing. We have the technological expertise to transfer your store data quickly and safely. You may move basic as well as complicated data in structured format while keeping full data integrity by leveraging our deep subject experience.

About Service

Crafsol provides complete Product Research Services to assist firms plan for successful product design and development by identifying critical market concerns. We provide insights that help organisations to analyse concepts, consumer demand, and market need at every level of the product research and migration process.

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Product Research Services

We employ several extremely effective product research techniques and offer a wide range of product research services, from new product launch research to product packaging research, some of which are given below:

  • Product design Research
  • Research on the intended audience
  • Product Evaluation
  • Product idea evaluation
  • Product innovation services
  • New product launch research
  • Brand name research
  • Product Packaging Investigation

Launching a new service is a more difficult undertaking since opinions regarding services are typically more subjective, making it difficult to predict what will succeed and what will not. With this in mind, we also offer service-specific research such as creative services research, brainstorming for new service concepts, and relaunch market research, among other things.

Product Migration Services

We offer affordable end-to-end assistance for product migrating services. Our specialists use advanced tools in conjunction with human assistance to carefully and properly transfer your whole ecommerce data. Crafsol’s product migration services involve the following steps:

  • Analysis of existing platforms to comprehend database structure.
  • Examine the new platform to see whether it may be customized to meet your needs.
  • Step-by-step mapping and planning of the data transmission procedure.
  • Data files in comma or tab delimited format can be created.
  • Integration of a payment gateway with a new platform
    Integrating a new platform with accounting software.
  • Checking transmitted product data such as page titles and URLs.
  • Authenticating consumer data to guarantee it is the same as before

Initial Product Research

Crafsol examines new product concepts, allowing organizations to reject unpromising ideas and focus on those that are promising.

Market Research

This includes market sizing, market trends, sector-specific market research, and risk analysis.

Retail Industry Research

Why it's beneficial to stock your company's product, how to optimize product displays to enhance product features the best, and how to promote your products to maximize sales.

Product Name and Packaging Research

Crafsol performs market and consumer research on product names and packaging throughout the early phases of product development to collect critical input and guarantee these components properly portray your brand's image.

Consumer Research

Crafsol conducts customized consumer research, including in-depth profiling and sentiment analysis, to identify customer reactions, needs, and criteria for your company's product offers.