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Robotic Process Automation

Automating your Business With the help of RPA

Our Robotic Process Automation services cover the whole life cycle, from evaluation to strategy to implementation and deployment. We assist businesses in automating and accelerating business process transformation, maximizing ROI, and increasing process efficiency, so they can focus on higher-value work.

Why Robotic Process Automation

With the help of RPA an emerging technology across sectors, we are revolutionizing workflows and processes with a significant influence on the key components of organizations such as productivity, efficiency, and cost. RPA as a service (RPAaaS) enables businesses to run more efficiently and standardize processes across several divisions. We help promote organizational collaboration and coordination while also improving customer service.

Why Robotic Process Automation

RPA implementation may provide considerable benefits to firms in terms of increased efficiency, cost savings, and smarter business processes. It aids in the automation of repetitive, rule-based processes, freeing up time for more value-added domain-specific work. Robotic process automation (RPA) services have helped businesses of virtually any size and sector to increase productivity and ROI.

About Service

RPAaaS (robotic process automation-as-a-service) is a type of outsourcing in which a service provider deploys a cloud-based software robot that employs automation, machine learning (ML), and computer vision to assist customers with repetitive and high-volume operations.

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Automate your workflow and Processes with Crafsol’s RPA Services

— Requirement analysis

— Concept design

— Development and deployment

— Support and Maintenance

RPA solutions that support your unique business requirements

From the Application Modernization and Roadmap....

— As-is study of the software application architecture, data structures and constraints, if any

— Formulate migration goals, strategy, result metrics and risks profile

— Develop or assess Cloud architecture

— Implement migration with minimal downtime

— Continuous improvements

— System performance monitoring

— Quick issue resolution, available 24/7

.... We at Crafsol can help you in your entire journey.

Transform your world with Robotic Automation

RPA Consultation

We assist you in developing and identifying procedures that require automation. We provide a plan for automation implementation as we streamline your productivity. Crafsol helps you with the best RPA implementation.

Automation Finder

We assist you in determining which operations to automate based on volume and repetitiveness, as well as how much ROI may be obtained. Enterprises may use our solutions to examine and identify processes for automation.

RPA Proof of Concept

We can help you with an RPA Proof of Concept to demonstrate the process.

RPA Implementation

We organise and construct software bots for automation using AI, ML, and a variety of cognitive services. Our RPA professionals will implement your RPA system and create governance, while also assisting you with the establishment of an RPA Center of Excellence (CoE) to expand your RPA project.

RPA Support

Our support staff at Crafsol oversees, monitors, and optimises your RPA project and can help you in managing your RPA Insfrastructure.