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Great technology is always based on perfect relationships.

Crafsol Technology Solutions Pvt. Ltd. is a global provider of end to end IT services offering in advanced solutions in SAP, Microsoft, Open Source, and Analytics. Crafsol has been serving customers for more than 7 years by building and delivering innovative and agile solutions giving desired business results.

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Providing Quality and Experience

We deliver high quality services through highly skilled technical consultants, providing the type of flexibility that ensures projects run smoothly.

The team is our real asset

A team with multi-skilled resources, experience in complex/flexible machine learning algorithms, deep functional expertise and latest industry insights helps to deliver meaningful results, quickly!

The spirit of collaboration

Crafsol works in a spirit of developing true partnerships with Clients. We foster an environment for co-creation where we listen to individual perspectives and honesty and integrity is valued.

Expert Thinking

Crafsol brings niche technology skills and futuristic thinking and perspectives to solve customer’s challenges. With proven know-how, Crafsol is able to make confident recommendations and provide expert guidance to our customers.

Complete Dedication

Crafsol is driven to meet client needs with commitment and determination. We love to take up new challenges and do not stop until the solution is implemented, the right way.


We believe the best creation is attained by healthy mix of skills, passion and knowledge of synergized partners.

Respect for Employees

We treat our employees with respect and dignity at all times.

The history of our dynamic and progressive thinking for Software driven business

2014. First Key Orders

Crafsol wins its first set of Orders in Pharma, Oil and Gas, Manufacturing and Process industries in ERP Domain.

2015. Key Accounts

Crafsol begins to serve key clients with specialized talent in  domains like ERP, Business Analytics and Application development.

2017. SAP ECC

Crafsol becomes SAP Silver Partner as a VAR. Crafsol  implements SAP based solutions across Industries.

2019. AI & ML

Crafsol sets up COE in AI and ML  and works with key Accounts for developing innovative solutions.

2020. Talent Powerhouse

With Highly skilled workforce, Crafsol emerges as a talent powerhouse employing key specialized resources and Innovative solutions.

First Key orders

Crafsol wins key projects in Oil and Gas, Manufacturing and Process industries in Vessel Management, ERP and IoT Domains.

Key Accounts

Crafsol begins to serve key Software solutions companies with specialised talent in advanced technologies.

SAP Hana and Fiori

As a SAP Silver Partner, Crafsol leads the way in implementation of SAP HANA and Fiori technologies for leading SAP users

Deep Learning and Analytics

Crafsol emerges as a partner to leading IT Solutions providers and end clients to develop and implement deep learning.

Talent Powerhouse

With Project and FTE business, Crafsol is recognised as a talent power house employing key specialized

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Crafsol is a new age global IT services company offering an array of software services. With our dedicated focus on enabling digital transformation, we add incremental value to clients’ global businesses.

Crafsol services portfolio consists of Digital Transformation Services, Application Development and Maintenance Services, and Product Engineering Services. These services are offered under a broad premise of Crafsol’s thought leadership which is Crafsol business differentiator focusing on boosting our customers’ business bottom line by focusing on increasing the revenues and cutting the costs down by virtue of operational efficiency.

Crafsol business focus has been sharpened in the last 10 years of its existence. Over these years we are seen as a distinguished IT services provider that delivers technology not as an overhead but as a top line booster. Talk to us today to know how we can help you with your technology initiatives.

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