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Streamline Your Enquiry Process

Welcome to the world of efficient and organized inquiry management! In today’s fast paced business landscape, managing inquiries effectively is paramount to achieving success. We understand the challenges businesses face when dealing with a multitude of inquiries, from potential customers, existing clients, or partners.

What is an QueryCart?

QueryCart (Enquiry Management System) is a powerful tool designed to revolutionize the way you handle inquiries. It’s a comprehensive solution that simplifies and streamlines the entire inquiry process, from initial contact to resolution.

Need for an Enquiry Management System?

In today’s competitive market, customer expectations are higher than ever. With an Enquiry Management System, you can:

Enhance Customer Experience

Provide timely and accurate responses, leaving a lasting positive impression on your clients.


Eliminate manual data entry and reduce response times, allowing your team to focus on value added tasks.

Increase Sales Opportunities

Identify potential leads and nurture them through the sales funnel effectively.

Improve Decision Making

Utilize data analytics to make informed decisions and optimize your inquiry handling process.

Empowering Your Inquiry Management

QueryCart comes equipped with a range of features designed to streamline the handling of inquiries, improve customer satisfaction, and enhance overall business efficiency. Here are some of the key features:


Multi Channel Inquiry Capture

Seamlessly collect inquiries from various sources, including web site, mobile apps, ensuring that no inquiry goes unnoticed.


Centralized Inquiry Repository

Maintain a centralized database to store all inquiries, making it easy to access and track each one.


Real Time Tracking

Monitor the progress of each inquiry in real time


Enquiry Alert

Gets enquiry notification on emails, in App alerts


Mobile Accessibility

Access the Enquiry Management System on mobile devices, allowing your team to respond to inquiries from anywhere, anytime.


Analytics and Reporting

Generate detailed reports and analytics on inquiry trends, response times, and customer satisfaction to make data driven decisions.


Integration Capabilities

Seamlessly integrate with other business systems, such as CRM software, to ensure a unified customer experience and data flow.


Mobile Accessibility

Access the Enquiry Management System on mobile devices, allowing your team to respond to inquiries from anywhere, anytime.


User Friendly Interface

Provide an intuitive and user friendly interface to simplify the learning curve for your team members.



Scale the system as your business grows, accommodating an increasing volume of inquiries without compromising performance.

Data Flow Diagram


Use Cases Lead Management

Success Story

Axiom Global
Axiom Global, a B2B bunkering service provider, used our system to manage and nurture leads effectively.


They saw a 30% improvement in lead conversion rates and a 25% increase in revenue within six months of implementation.