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Mobility Management & Security Services

Deploy solutions for Secured Digital Workplaces

Crafsol helps organizations install solutions for safe digital workplace experiences that include comprehensive identity-driven protection, secure mobile productivity, and corporate information security. We assist with the implementation and deployment of Microsoft’s EMS range of products to promote enterprise security and secure mobility.

Our security and business mobility management professionals provide solutions to manage mobile devices at scale while providing IT control over enforcing security rules and supporting mobile platforms. We provide cost-effective solutions, always offering a solution that addresses your unique present and prospective mobility and digital business objectives.

Why choose Crafsol?

End-to-End Security

Our mobility and security teams collaborate to provide risk mitigation recommendations, including network and mobile security, data loss prevention, and sophisticated threat protection technologies, with over 7 years of expertise with security solutions.

Streamlined Productivity

Our customized solutions include device management, app store and sign-in choices, as well as the ability to provide users access to old apps without incurring the expense of mobile app development.

Simple Payments and Cost Controls

You can automate the time-consuming review, approval, and payment processes using Mobile Expense Management. You can also obtain information on cost-cutting initiatives and compliance notifications.

Industry-Leading Partnerships

We collaborate with industry leaders to provide you with unrivalled choice and experience in selecting the finest mobility management, collaboration, and security solutions.

About Service

We provide a comprehensive set of tested mobile device management and collaboration solutions, as well as end-to-end security from industry leaders. We assist you in simplifying mobility management and mitigating risks, allowing you to focus less on activities and more on projects.

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Our Expertise

Identity & Access Management

Manage identities centrally throughout the business with single-sign-on across corporate apps and access from any device. Use Azure Active Directory to build a strong cloud-based identity and access management system.

Mobility Security Management

Using a combination of software, hardened applications, and right approaches, we create a safe usage environment for distant users, BYO, and unmanned endpoints. To ensure adequate enterprise security, use Azure AD, Azure Rights Management, InTune, and other tools to enforce foolproof controls and checks such as single sign on (SSO), multi-factor authentication (MFA), biometrics, token-based authentication, geo/time tracking and fencing, AI and machine learning, and context-driven responses.

End Point Management

Manage your organization's endpoints effectively and efficiently from a single interface, resulting in decreased operating expenses and day-to-day monitoring and support. Manage a wide variety of endpoints using both human and machine controls.

Mobile Application Management

Effectively manage access to internally developed and 3rd party delivered applications as well as apps received from public app stores, taking care of certifications, selective wiping, encryption, blacklisting, conditional access and restricted use, all managed from a single console. Also, manage the deployment and operational lifecycle of applications.

Mobile Device Management

Manage enterprise, partner, and BYOD devices with ease, managing device life cycles across desktops, smartphones, and tiny footprint devices. At a low cost, MDM may be used to manage the following tasks:

Mobility Data Management

Ensure that data received from mobile devices is used effectively by employing EMM analytics to save expenses, improve security, and increase operational efficiency. Deliver high-value digital business outcomes by broadening the scope of EMM data to include wearables and IoT devices, as well as connecting huge data repositories with specialized analytics and visualization tools for advanced analytics and insights.