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Crafsol was founded to serve the long-felt need to build and deliver innovative + agile solutions that truly deliver the desired business results. In today’s rapidly changing world, being an organization which is truly dynamic and has the next generation approach towards process is pivotal for survival and growth. We understand the importance of comprehensive partnership between tech and Human resources. Crafsol provides the most humane approach towards digitalisation to bring out the most efficient & effective technology based solutions for your Business.

Crafsol Offers solutions that are futuristic, driven by advanced Technology and loved by Clients for the results produced. We stand by our clients in every step of their digital transformation journey and equip them with game-changing technologies and solutions to stay up-to-date with the market scenarios.

Our Forte

Crafsol bridged the gap between old age businesses and modern technologies. We offer the best tech- based solutions for a variety of Industries. No matter which business you are in and at which stage you are stuck we are aways there to help you.

Why Choose Crafsol

Crafsol has proven expertise to meet your needs at every stage of technology adoption
starting from an early exploratory stage, proof of value projects, to full-scale implementation
and maintenance thereafter.

Guarantee of success with proven expertise & capable team.

Faster returns with a reputation to deliver result centric solutions.

Cost-effective solution with highly flexible delivery and commercial models.

Best value for money with multi-skilled resources.

Our Services

Crafsol has years of experience in providing tech support for overall growth of your company. We strategize, conceptualize and implement the right tech solutions for your Industrial needs.

  • Digital Transformation & Cloud Services

  • Data Science & Advance Analytics

  • Sap Implementation & Migration Services

  • Application Development & Managed Services

  • Infrasrtucture,Cyber Security & Risk Management

  • Product Designing & Planning

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