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SAP Business One in 2021: Here’s why SMEs need it

How quickly can your small businesses or mid-sized enterprises adapt themselves with the ever changing market?

With the disruptions of 2021, Covid-19 being the biggest one, businesses are struggling to adapt to shifting customer expectations, disrupted the supply chain, and economic uncertainty in the market. To meet the competition they are constantly under the pressure of innovating quickly with greater agility.

To add to this, most of the employees are working remotely, companies are looking for ways to increase employee Productivity and Efficiency. The end goal is to enable growth revenue, increase profits, and reduce costs.

With SAP Business all-in-one ERP solution, over 250,000 small businesses and mid-sized enterprises have successfully met their business priorities.

Using the power of SAP solutions, companies have been able to improve customer and employee experiences, gain a competitive edge, and become an intelligent enterprise that can meet the demands of the future.

What is SAP Business all-in-one?
SAP Business One is a cloud-based ERP software, which makes it easier and affordable to manage all your critical business processes from financial, HR, Sales, and Procurement. It provides the fast information access, adaptability, and flexibility that any small or midsize companies need to solve their unique business problems while continuing to grow.

What is the difference between SAP and SAP Business One?
SAP Business One is developed specifically for small and medium-scale enterprises who are looking for cost-effective solutions, whereas SAP focuses on large enterprises having multi-country locations where budget is not a concern. It unifies and automates processes across various functions like sales, service, finance, HR, procurement and, manufacturing. SAP Business one’s software platform offers the best management tools to automate and accelerate your business processes.

Why is SAP Business one called “All in one Solution”?
SAP Business contains industry-specific solutions and helps manage commonly performed tasks performed by the marketing, sales, finance, and human resource department. It helps you gain greater control with business management software and ERP tools by streamlining various processes for these different functions. The platform has extensive capabilities, including automating processes within a business and improving accessibility and collaboration.

What benefits can SAP Business One bring to your business?
Let’s understand how SAP Business One can give SMEs access to enterprise-level resources at small business cost and help you scale up.

1. Enable growth (revenue, billable hours): Integrating SAP Business One ERP helps you find new opportunities with existing products or new products. You gain customer insights using analytics to upsell or cross-sell relevant products. You can respond to new opportunities quickly with 360-degree visibility and a comprehensive view of business operations. It allows you to scale up quickly and flexibly to meet new requirements as your company grows.

2. Improve Customer Experience and Interaction: You can integrate all customer-facing applications with a single database and map the customer’s journey to a specific channel and touchpoints. With real-time data insights, you can provide a differentiated customer experience that delivers the right offer at the right time, to the right customer.

3. Improve Employee Experience: The ERP software transforms the new-hire experience and stimulates employee development and career progression helps manage talent and collaboration by engaging employees and motivating them.

4. Increase Profits and Reduce Costs: It helps reduce staff overhead by scheduling talent and matching available resources to your business needs. Improves your supply chain by providing visibility across every step of the process by tracking customer demands and inventory levels. Since the solution is hosted on Cloud and integrated software – suite solutions that help streamline IT management and reduce cost. The advanced collaboration tools and begin networks can help find quality suppliers and lower the cost.
5. Reduce Employee Productivity and Efficiency: The ERP uses technology based on IoT and Machine Learning that automates workflows. This reduces the time employees spent on administrative work and free them for their core jobs. The real-time updates and management dashboards presented in an easy review format enhance decision-making. Last, you can monitor your key performance indicators across all function areas to track progress and identify opportunities for improvement.

SAP Business One is a widely adopted solution across the globe. The latest technologies such as natural language processing, artificial intelligence, and IoT built on SAP HANA make SAP Business One intelligent ERP of choice for SMEs.

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