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In Last few years digital transformation has brought disruptive differences in the way business are operating.  Machine learning has brought a paradigm shift in the manufacturing world. It’s a perfect use of artificial intelligence (AI) that provides systems the ability to automatically learn and improve from experience without being explicitly programmed.

Classified as supervised and unsupervised, supervised Machine Learning structured in a way, where partial information about the attributes of the object are given to machine and in unsupervised no information or features are shared by leaving it to the machine to identify the characteristics of the object being looked at. To cut the long story short, the basic objective of this programming is to include maximize attributes of an object and remove that cause’s any distortions in identifying the object.

Crafsol ML and DL services builds highly advanced and customized solutions. We are focused on improvisation of the algorithms after the machines have undergone some experience in identifying objects based on defined attributes which makes our approach unique.


Ability to define

key features or characteristics of the object

Proven process

to improvise each nearest neighbor identification

Access to very lager data sets

so that our algorithms can be tested on those large data sets

Machine Learning & AI

Projects & Solutions

Estimating revenue for an estate sales company

A germany based online property sales company leverages Machine Learning services from Crafsol to forecast its monthly revenue across hundreds of sales they do.

AI and ML for the broader digital transformation of Mutual funds company

Algorithms that enables financial research analyst of the company with imporved coverage of stocks data, and also recommend the most important sales prospects.

Using historical data to predict future performance for Supply Chain

Combination of Order management, Sales, O2C and P2P and historical data about the weather to predict future performance of the company.

A leading Facility Management company uses Machine Learning for Predictive Maintenance

Solution helped the company to predict with 90 percent accuracy about the possible failure of all the equipments in the company’s commercial heating and air-conditioning systems.

Automating ML technology Air ticketing and Transactions

A creation of ML algorithms that would enable customers to find better rates for airfare and hotel accommodations online, there by relieving team’s time invested in doing it manually.

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