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Cloud Modernization: 5 Strategies to Accelerate your Cloud Journey

With the current global crisis like the Covid-19, it is a must for organizations to accelerate innovation and increase agility. Digital Transformation can empower the organization with better serving their customers, reduce costs and avoid disruptions in the future.

But if you are still using Legacy applications and IT infrastructure, then it’s time for early adoption before they get obsolete. Eventually, they will be less effective in accomplishing their intended purpose and pose a threat to Security. So organizations are moving their data to Cloud with modernized platforms. Businesses are now focusing on Cloud Modernization Services and Cloud Modernization tools while they plan to implement Cloud Migration to enhance business productivity.

As per Markets and Markets, the global Application Modernization Services is expected to grow from USD 11.4 billion in 2020 to USD 24.8 billion by 2025.

What is Cloud Modernization?

It is the process of constantly upgrading and optimizing your applications along with their infrastructure and services. Cloud Modernization and Application Modernization allow you to run your applications and IT infrastructure completely in the cloud.

There are 3 Cloud adoption approaches:-

Re-hosting: In this approach, you move your on-premise applications to the cloud with minimum changes.

Re-platforming: This approach includes modernizing one or more components of your application for a higher level of optimization.

Refactoring: This includes making significant code and architecture changes to achieve the highest level of cloud benefits.

Why is Cloud Modernization important?

The immediate modernization advantages are transforming your legacy applications to something more flexible, scalable, secured, and compliant. This not only modernizes your application but also the business itself. The long-term transformational benefits are IT agility in development, operations, speed up technology-driven business opportunities, including new revenue opportunities, enhance customer engagement, and cost optimization.

Benefits of Cloud Modernization

Continual modernization has many benefits, including monetary as well as technical as you can see below:-

  1. Most of the Companies have reported cost reduction by 40-50 %
  2. The deployment cycles have drastically reduced from 6 to 8 weeks to 1 week
  3. Application-response time has increased up to 10x faster
  4. Code deployment has accelerated by 80-100 times per day

As per Deloitte, Data Modernization and Cloud Computing Survey, 2019, 55 percent see cloud data modernization as a key component of or reason for Cloud Migration.

Cloud Migration and Application Modernization Strategy:

  1. Evaluate and assess the critical applications: This is the first step in the modernization journey. Businesses should carry out an application assessment that will help analyze how the service will be delivered, the capabilities and limitations of the technology. They should identify the maintenance cost and how the modernization of applications would prove beneficial. This will help identify the roadmap and its alignment to the business, and the budget required for the modernization of applications.
  2. Analyze your Resources: Businesses should identify the leaders who possess the skill-sets and command of the application. They should have a complete understanding of the application and its interdependencies, like how it works, what it connects with, and how it’s maintained.
  3. Decide the Approach: Organizations should consider different approaches. This should include adding additional features to the existing architecture, restructuring the infrastructure, and aligning it to better suit the user’s requirements.
  4. Analyze Performance: Post-modernization businesses should measure and analyze the application performance. They will understand if there was an issue with the code, network or database, servers, and application functionality. Organizations need application modernization tools to monitor the performance of the infrastructure to the end-user experience. Crafsol’s Cloud Modernization Services can meticulously help demonstrate success by analyzing how modernization has improved application functionality, optimized the IT environment, and can point where additional optimization can be achieved.
  5. Process change: For successful modernizing application infrastructure companies need to be aware of their plans and problems they are trying to solve. It is observed that most organizations lack a comprehensive plan to modernize their legacy systems. As a result, it leads to cost overruns, schedule delays, and even project failures.

Conclusion: Successfully modernizing application infrastructure needs careful planning, adopting best practices, identifying the right resources who understand your mission. At Crafsol, we help you develop an effective Cloud modernization strategy that meets your business needs along with quality and cost optimization. We are a Pune, India-based IT service that offers Cloud Migration Consulting Services across the globe.