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Not sure about where and how to begin your cloud journey?

Crafsol can help to analyse your current applications, business needs they serve and suggest a cloud migration strategy based on the future. The journey involves assessing the IT infrastructure, business readiness, budgets, risks and many other factors to decide on when, what and how to move to cloud?

Crafsol works as a partner with your team to define the needs and implement the solutions may it be server configurations, communication platforms or integration of third party applications. Together, we craft a futuristic roadmap for cloud migration of your business.

What can you expect?

Cloud Roadmaps
Opportunities for infrastructure cost-optimisation
Trigger for Data and ML initiatives, process automation


Cloud Security
Cloud Solutions

Assess and enhance

Cloud security is is complex and multidimensional. Our expertise rests in identifying the weakest links from the complex web of individual devices, networks, software and data exchanges. We advise on setting the norm, processes and practices by assessing technology, business procedures and training. As a partner we walk with you throughout the journey from identification of security gaps to implementing the strategy to keep environment safe.

What can we do for you?

  • In-depth assessments to reveal security gaps, if any
  • Ensure compliance – internal and external
  • Micro-segmentation to ensure workload isolation
  • Virus & malware protection
  • Event monitoring and log management for critical assets
  • Detailed visibility and reporting from security perspectives

Cloud Spend Insights & Optimization
Cloud Solutions

Cloud is a double edged sword. While it helps to cut-through inefficiencies and adds to convenience, it imposes immense costs. The hundreds of technical combinations, service providers and an ever changing environment makes it challenging to choose the best solution. The use of multi-cloud environment by many organizations is a new layer of complexity. Crafsol has the experience and expertise to understand your needs and make the right choice of cloud technology.

Our team of Cloud architects and analysts ensure that you achieve the maximum performance from your cloud assets – whether its data protection, network or server infrastructure. Our team is adept at understanding the deep connections between data and workloads to segment it into a schema and recommend the best combinations to meet the performance more efficiently. A long-term engagement leads to further optimisation, by close and continual monitoring of cloud assets.

What can we do for you?

  • Cloud architecture to save costs
  • Resource optimisation for costs and performance
  • Deploying automation to save costs and time
  • Assessment of tools to keep your network secure and cost-efficient
Cloud Availability Engineering
Cloud Solutions
Business continuity is a looming fear for most when it comes to shifting to the Cloud. The concern aggravates with scale and triggers panic even with the a single discontinuity event. Seamless operations of the cloud takes a careful engineering of the cloud for business continuity.

Crafsol’s expert engineers will help you to organize the cloud, as it scales, and help to schedule outages only by the plan. Moreover, the team will partner with you to put together a fully economical business continuity plan with actionable strategies fro robust infrastructure.

What can we do for you?

  • Plan recovery in case of outage for mission critical workloads
  • Identify, design and implement RPOs
  • Implement a DR strategy
  • Develop architecture for DR strategies using on-prem/hybrid or private cloud

Cloud Migration
Cloud Solutions
Need a service support to move complex workloads to the cloud on regular basis? Crafsol’s cloud architects have been managing the cloud migration for several leading companies as per their preferred choice of the cloud. Crafsol has extensive experience in working with leading Cloud platforms in the market such as Google, Aamazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure.

Cloud Management and Operations

Crafsol also offers ongoing cloud management services and monitor the infrastructure for scalability, security and performance. The dedicated and extended team ensures you can focus on the core business tasks, while leaving the infrastructure in safe hands. We can help you to implement SaaS solutions from various reputed providers starting from Google Business to advanced CRMs.

What can we do for you?

  • Migrations from anywhere to your preferred cloud provider
  • Sharepoint server farms
  • Enterprise Linux Workloads
  • SAP workloads
  • Consolidation from multiple data centers to GCP/AWS
  • Hybrid cloud setup

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