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Why Crafsol?

Crafsol enables digital transformation on an end-to-end basis starting from conceptualisation to execution. Crafsol has worked with SMEs as well as Fortune 2000 companies to help them out-think the competition. With a strong dgital genesis Crafsol takes an agile, collaborative approach to create customized solutions across the digital value chain.
Crafsol enables digital transformation starting from conceptualisation, execution till maintenance. With deep rooted experience of over a decade, Crafsol has strong team of software professional, data engineers, project managers etc to ensure successful completion of the project.
The team is our real asset
A team with multi-skilled resources, experience in complex/flexible machine learning algorithms, deep functional expertise and latest industry insights helps to deliver meaningful results, quickly!
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The spirit of collaboration
Crafsol works in a spirit of developing true partnerships with Clients. We foster an environment for co-creation where we listen to individual perspectives and honesty and integrity is valued.
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Expert Thinking
Crafsol brings niche technology skills and futuristic thinking and perspectives to solve customer’s challenges. With proven know-how, Crafsol is able to make confident recommendations and provide expert guidance to our customers.
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Complete Dedication
Crafsol is driven to meet client needs with commitment and determination. We love to take up new challenges and do not stop until the solution is implemented, the right way.
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