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Who needs Business Intelligence (BI) and Analytics?

To draw an analogy from the medical world, BI is not a medicine for a disease. It It’s more like a tonic.
Off course, if there is a disease, meaning a problem, it will help. The cause of disease in any organization cannot be lack of data analysis. Medicine is to remove the disease. Tonic is to remove the weakness induced by the disease.

Challenge the norms!

From a framework perspective, companies which are stagnating or certain departments/people within the company who are stagnating, would do very well with use of BI.

Stagnating, in terms of daily work, can be defined as a situation where people accept some failure rate as normal. For example, if you meet 100 prospects and 10 are converted to customers, you say, these are good results because traditionally you have never done better. Similarly, in a manufacturing environment a particular rejection rate, over a period of time, becomes a norm. But if break-through performance is to be achieved, these norms need to be challenged.

BI will help you to find ways to where you are failing, why you are failing and how to improve the performance.


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