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SAP S/4 HANA is Really Costly – the Myth

The price of SAP HANA has always been a topic of concern ever since its inception. Many Enterprises end up thinking if they can afford it In this blog we discuss on a myth about the cost associated with Sap HANA.
Many businesses take a stand instead of migration to SAP HANA they prefer to run on existing platform an update as per the need. Even after understanding the advantages it offers. This is main reason why companies refrain from this migration.
Businesses end up worrying about cost of implementation and acquisition. Cost attached to purchasing of new hardware, systems and licenses and so on. And end up zeroing on thought SAP HANA is costly as compared other platforms.

Reality: It can be way cheaper the imagined

Reality is if thought on short term cost, migration to SAP HANA generally involves higher costs than other database platforms. In-memory technology costly than conventional one yet requires disk drives or flash memory for backup.
But accepting fact that this is a better method of data storage and reduces data footprint, this usually will not immediately compensate for the additional expenses.

However, these high end cost can be avoided, businesses can transfer their SAP HANA systems to a cloud service provider. Some hardware upgradation still required for this method, but it does enable enterprises to start small and grow in line with actual demand.

Migration to cloud also eliminates resource requirement of admins, as the cloud provider administers the systems. With this option, there is no need to invest time and resources into additional training for SAP HANA.
In terms ROI, SAP HANA offers huge potential for saving on long run basis.

SAP HANA enables businesses to consolidate data in single system. This minimizes hardware and software costs and also increases efficiency.

SAP HANA – an investment to look at long-Term

While discussing all this, it pertinent to consider opportunities and solutions that SAP HANA offers.
For example,

    • SAP HANA helps to reduce expenses and increase valves with its real time functionalities.
    • Capabilities such as predictive maintenance, and innovative business models, help enterprises to generate additional revenue streams. I
    • Future application from SAP will always be based on the in-memory platform, putting the enterprises that use it in a better position to capitalize on new developments.

Thinking positively about migration to SAP HANA, Get in touch with our team, We will make it happen faster and with cost-effective manner