Implementing a new technology can be a challenging task and many CEO, CIO or Decision Makers believe SAP HANA migration to be a complex task with potential for risks. In this blog we take look at the process and realities to clear up this misconception.

Does SAP HANA Migration Turns Businesses Upside Down?

Complex, Time-consuming, A total relearning and a disruptive upgrade these some common thoughts that come into the minds of people whien they of SAP HANA implementation.
Perhaps, this thought are not totally untrue due to large-scale project often involves fundamental changes to the company’s IT architecture. Proper planning is required Testing has to be in place.
Processes will have to be altered or reengineered and yes, users will need additional training to get the grip of new technology. Application migration requires systems to upgraded to withstand the change.
Moreover, if businesses want to reap the benefits of SAP S/4HANA, they will first have to undergo even more process changes. But is there a way to reduce this disruption?

Answer is Yes, It Involves Less Risk and Effort than You Think

With some of the advance features that SAP SANA offers and several options for assistance that are available, the technical side of SAP HANA migration is actually relatively easy.
SAP with its numerous partners, including intelligence, offer various sets of best practices to help make SAP HANA implementation run smoothly. Alongside, there are standardized approaches make server migration easy.
Depending on the business models, in many cases, database migration and system upgrade can be implemented in a singular step. This simplifies migration and reduces downtime there by implementation taking place with minimal reduced disruption.
While saying this, SAP Migration is significant change to the business. A proper plan has be prepared for smooth transit. SAP Intelligence has prepared a collection of standardized workshops to help businesses choose the best approach for migration and create a schedule for the project.
A strategic plan for SAP HANA migration goes a long way toward preventing disruption. IF an Organisation wants a smooth shift to SAP HANA than proper approaches are developed to implementation.

Crafsol – your switch support

SAP HANA migration is a major switch which involves lot of commitment. But there are a variety of options that can help enterprises along the way. Crafsol has helped many companies migrate to SAP HANA or SAP S/4 SANA like Pharma, Chemical, Manufacturing and many more. Get in touch with our experts to know more.