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SAP Fiori – Streamline User Experience and Drive Business Innovation

Consumers today are more demanding than ever, especially when using technology to accomplish tasks. The focus has been on a simple but intuitive User- experience at a rapid pace. At the enterprise level, the user experience of Software is complex as the number of applications and technologies is intimidating. It is difficult to solve a problem with dozens of technologies and a thousand different screens. That’s when SAP Fiori came to our respite in 2013 (released in) with a comprehensive design system for enterprise software. Since its inception, it has won many global awards including the most prestigious design awards, the RED DOT Awards.

What is SAP Fiori exactly?
SAP Fiori is the new design language to enhance user experience (UX) for SAP software and applications. It uses various design principles to produce a role-based experience across devices and business channels. It is an open collection of 1000+ applications that are constantly being added. The ERP system with the SAP products is a complete system built of small building components which can be reused in different combinations to adapt to any business needs. SAP Fiori design has incorporated a range of modern design values, principles, and practices.

Why Use SAP Fiori?
Fiori has become popular because of its core features and strengths.
It’s designed with the end-user in mind and works across all the devices. It gives importance to innovation, as business applications should not just be efficient but fun to use.
By default, if a SAP user is migrating to SAP S/4 HANA, he has to use SAP Fiori applications. As a result, the number of Fiori users is increasing with most companies transitioning business at a massive level.

What does SAP Fiori Offer to Customers?
SAP Fiori acts like a Catalyst for Digital Transformation by helping brands improve productivity and mobility. Fiori applications are role-based, responsive, provide ease and simplicity for consumers. Besides, they provide personalization to make the experience pleasant and help users excel at their jobs.

SAP Launchpad is a shell that hosts SAP Fiori apps and provides configuration, navigation, and personalization services.

SAP Fiori 2.0 is more progressive with a better navigation model. Its features are more enhanced, focusing on personalization and customization. Users can organize their tools and use text link and group launch tiles to customize their Fiori experience for their workflow.

SAP Fiori 3.0 is more emerged and expands its reach. It aims its UX at 3 points which are consistency, Intelligence, and Integration. It makes using enterprise software further productive by leveraging machine intelligence. It can gather information from different applications in the enterprise system and alerts users about their business information. It can then provide recommendations and learn from the user’s decisions.

The Benefits of SAP Fiori in Development

1. Simplify usage and Deployment of SAP products: Traditionally, it took around 60-90 days or more for implementation with the Business process before going live. Fiori typically takes less than 2 weeks to complete implementation. When business processes are costing you time and money, a quick and smooth deployment can be extremely beneficial.

2. Boost Productivity: The actual benefit is the boost in productivity. It simplifies the workflow with a reduced number of clicks to complete certain tasks. The tasks for a common account receivable in SAP S/4 HANA Finance reduces with 71% fewer clicks in SAP Fiori. It is not just productivity, but the user has the freedom to get work done any time, from any place as long as he has good internet connectivity. It now takes just a single SAP Fiori application to complete a tedious or complicated business process.

3. Intuitive Design and Flexible Workflow: SAP Fiori has structured the workflow around business logic and not SAP logic. This makes life easier for the workforce in your organization, particularly non-technical users. Fiori has a standard interface and coherent design philosophy that allows us to quickly learn new jobs and roles. The same knowledge can be transferred to other Fiori apps.

The biggest advantage is that you don’t have to look for SAP experience when hiring new talent in non-IT roles.

4. Mobility: By 2022, it is said that 42.5% of the global workforce will become mobile. There will be continuous globalization and advancements in mobile technology. Fiori provides mobility and adaptive design which will help users to access essential apps from anywhere and any device. The workforce who are away from desks can work on mobile apps as they work the same way as in the browser window. Additionally, they have the advantage of controllable caching and full-screen display which makes it faster and user-friendly.

SAP Fiori UX provides the best User-Experience across all the SAP products with improved productivity while reducing operating costs. Implementing it can enable your company to realize the full benefits of HANA.

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