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Move to Real-Time Business with Faster Decision Making

 SAP® Business Suite software powered by the SAP HANA® platform leads the way to new real-time business practices in all the subject areas.

Crafsol along with its SAP HANA expertise help you dramatically accelerate analytics, business processes, predictive analysis, and sentiment data processing. This NextGen platform brings together Business transactions, advanced analytics, social media. Mobile experience etc and enable real-time reporting and analytics.

Benefits of Suite on HANA, Just to name a few:
. earlier period closing
. better forecasting
. allow real-time planning, execution, reporting, and analytics on live data.
. better service level in the customer facing applications

Benefits for You

Faster reporting

analytics to enable the business to run faster

Faster decision making

with quick anlysis of planned and actual data

Easy integration

with your existing SAP suite


real-time business insight

SAP Business Suite on HANA (SOH)


  • SAP Operating System and Database Migration Services
  • Accelerated and Rapid deployment
  • Continual support to current SAP business suits

Business Innovation with SAP HANA

The performance of SAP HANA provides value in several key areas:

  • Improved performance by instantly leveraging SAP HANA for faster data access and rendering when planning on large data sets
  • Enhanced data aggregation precision with more granular planning on a daily basis calculated in real time using the columnar store technology of SAP HANA
  • Real-time reporting that eliminate the overnight batch runs
  • Enriched usability with a new Excel front end

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