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RPA and its Impact Across Industries

Implementing Automation and Process Simplification has been key concerns for businesses for the last 2 decades, alongside effective utilization of resources for better output and value addition is another point enterprises eye on.

RPA is ideal for tasks that are repetitive and relatively structured in nature. However, in-coming times, with the advancement of technology, RPA will be poised to take more challenging, analytical and important tasks.

RPA has been a point of discussion for a long time and now many top enterprises are ripping the benefits of it. If reports are to be believed then more than 80% of large scale companies will deploy RPA in the next 5 years.

RPA and its Impact

Profit maximization and Productivity gain are always on the radar of businesses. RPA is rightly fit software for these aims. Many companies have implemented it on a smaller scale and grown on to increase it scope multifold. Sectors like BFSI, Insurance, Healthcare, and Manufacturing are ripping the best benefits of RPA.

In this blog, we look at how RPA is helping these Sectors and benefits that derive.


BFSI and in particular Banking involves a lot of repetitive manual activities, and if a small mistake happens due to manual error, the repercussions are huge. Deployment of RPA integrated with AI has actually reduced this burden from the BFSI sector. RPA can provide better customer service and respond like a human employee in lesser time. RPA improves the quality of the compliance process and increases productivity with 24/7 working.


Well, the sector which best benefited was BPO’s If there’s one area of business disrupted by robotic process automation (RPA), it’s outsourcing. RPA is itself a type of outsourcing, but instead of outsourcing to a human being in another country, you’re outsourcing work to a software robot. It provides better accuracy than humans, faster turnouts, reduced errors and most importantly consistent support of 24/7 operations.


Insurance companies are immersed in back-office forms as most of the documentation process is still paper-based. RPA is analyzing these vast volumes of data and translate them into insights to work on it. Automation is increasing efficiency by adding significant value to enterprise processes. Numerous insurance agencies are focusing on automation to streamline their business procedures and attend new customers. RPA brings in almost processing time to 10%


Healthcare was using outdated systems that were making healthcare workers to constantly work on repetitive tasks, With RPA these systems are being advanced helping the process to run faster. For example, many healthcare companies struggle to verify health insurance eligibility for potential customers due to highly manual processes. With RPA, the medical supply distributors can verify thousands of patients’ insurance eligibility daily while saving time and cost.


RPA has become one of the best ways of improving service delivery in the retail sector. Operations like taxation, auditing, or HR are some of the areas where RPA is best suited. One of the challenges for retail stores is the back office file report. Reports from hundreds of stores, gathered together to validate the cash register. These reports are now recorded in individual file transfer protocol server with the help of RPA.

Automotive Manufacturing

With RPA, the auto companies shifted gears. They were able to automate crucial back-office processes, and also identify and improve deficiencies within operations. RPA helped to improve real-time monitoring, production capacity, inventory controls in the auto sector. By automating emails, procurement processes, as well as the digitization of paperwork, the companies are now able to attain better control and ensure optimum levels of skills employment.

Benefits of Robotic Process Automation

Increased productivity, better quality work, and stronger market position are some of the top benefits besides cost savings. Relatively inexpensive and disruption free-solution allows companies to take advantage of RPA solutions quickly. Also, companies are trying firsthand to ensure that their RPA investments offer benefits beyond cost savings.

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