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Have you thought about deploying your human resources differently post Covid-19?

Let’s suppose you get about 100 business inquiries a day via email, and your CRM database requires constant updating.
Now, have you hired a person to copy-paste data from email to CRM database?

Imagine a Robotic Process Automation software parsing data from e-mail and automatically updating the CRM database within seconds.

What is Robotic Process Automation (RPA)?

The RPA system will mimic almost all human interactions with a digital system. It will log into applications, parse data from documents and emails and write it into relevant database. While humans have around 60% efficiency with a chance of errors, RPA tools will offer 100% accurate and far more efficient results at the cost of a year’s salary of the concerned employee.

Meanwhile, that employee could now focus on turning those email leads into actual sale.

COVID-19 and RPA?

Covid situation has restricted human movement and social distancing has constrained human contact.
Maintaining business continuity despite these limitations means improving the efficiency while working with fewer employees.

RPA can log into your systems, create and organise folders and move files as per pre-defined rules, and also copy-paste data as instructed.

If repetitive tasks are automated, employees could focus on more sophisticated and challenges, adding more value to the business than before.

Why implement RPA?

  • Up to 90% automation of repetitive process
  • Processing time reduced by 80%
  • Zero mistakes and 100% accuracy
  • Highly scalable and adaptable to changing business environment.

Crafsol’s Robotic Process Automation for SAP

Automation of repetitive business processes is reshaping the role of employees in the industry amidst the Covid-19 crisis. Crafsol has tested and proven Robotic Process Automation solutions that guarantee quick RoI and progressively reduced cost of operations with time.

Crafsol has developed RPA solutions for several processes including:

  • Accounts receivables/payable
  • Resume scanning and classifications
  • Enuqiry logging automation
  • Service request automation and allocation
  • Field data scanning and automation

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