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UX / Visual Designing

Delivering a comprehensive digital experience is similar to using glue to link all touchpoints, connect devices, and create omnichannel experiences. Crafsol’s strategy and UX team can design solutions that are both straightforward to use and targeted to our customers’ unique user duties and business goals by utilizing best practises and approaches, as well as a full grasp of all the newest technological capabilities.

We constantly keep the end user in mind while designing, and we provide a variety of design services ranging from UX research to interface design, as well as thorough usability assessments. Our UX design strategy is based on collaborative and iterative design, and we always work with a participatory attitude and open communication. We think that data-driven user insights, well-defined goals, and strong validation are the keys to success.

Our professionals design and develop digital experiences that are both useful and pleasant for end users and our clients. Your consumers are our top focus, and our bare minimum is complete customer pleasure. At Crafsol, we concentrate on what is most essential to you, and we will ensure that all desired and needed features are addressed and provided.

About Service

User Experience (UX) / Visual designing is about implementing text, colours, and images in a way that enhances a design or interaction. It evolved from both user interface (UI) design and Graphics design as a field.

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High Fidelity Prototype

We construct a prototype to showcase the application's behaviour and how it would operate in practice. We create completely interactive prototypes to give you an idea of how your project will operate.


We create wireframes to offer you an outline of a mobile or web app by illustrating the information, structure, and functionality that will be present on the pages of your app or programme.

Mobile and Web User Interface Design

We make every attempt to creatively transform your ideas and thoughts into a clear and completely functioning design. We create user interfaces that are tailored to the user's needs and understanding.

Cross-Platform Compatibility

We develop and produce responsive and cross-platform compatible designs that focus on the key concepts of UI design and functionality execution to ensure that they work across several platforms.

Technical Design

Our team may also produce a technical design to help our clients comprehend the project's technical workflow. In technical design, we specify the technological stack for all app components, third-party integrations, and service and API interfaces.

Software Redesign

If you currently have an app or a website but it does not appear appealing or professional, we can assist you by redesigning the entire website or application. After assessing your app and understanding the consumers, we make your program seem interesting and appealing.