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Machine Learning & AI for Cyber Security

In last decade we have seen great development is Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence and its impact in everyday lift of Human ecosystem.

AI and ML typically helps machines or systems to automatically learn and improve from experience without being explicitly programmed. ML can build algorithms on data that is classified or unclassified, with partial information or no information been provided.

Cyber security also is one of the area where AI and ML can play pivotal role. lets take an example, if your computer or machine is made able to to decide what is good for it and what is bad for it while accessing, this way one machine itself finds new Malware or Anomalies when it faces for the first time.

AI and ML can be used to build this capability, it can identify and safeguard the systems from ever changing cyber world. Traditional security tools may run short to point out the control the cyber attacks.

Building the system that can fight threats

Malware or Cyber attacks always evolve themselves, hacker constantly build upon their previous works, adding new features, upgrading abilities to crack current systems that are blocking its attacks.
AI coupled with ML learns from the information available from previous attacks (data) and build algorithms to predict, identify and control future ones which can be similar category or style

Layered Defence

Basic principle of Cyber security is creating a defence that layered and is in depth. Keeping everything updated such as constant updates, scanning computers every time and everything user accesses is one thing.

Quickly scanning the content user is trying to access, identifying if it is good or bad is one element that every cyber security tool has in build right now, however time involved in doing it is quite time consuming.

this is exactly AI and ML can make the difference, A properly-trained AI/ML model can deliver decision on good or bad files in just few milliseconds.

Resource optimization

Applying machine learning and artificial intelligence to improve cyber security saves an organisation a considerable amount of time and money that would have otherwise been spent by cyber security experts.

Machine Learning quickly excess large pool of data instantly and learn and analyze from it. Systems generate lot of alerts and unautomated attention can buildup lot of work security team. ML can learn from historical data and create resolution on its own.

Artificial intelligence and machine learning is all set to become one of the front runner of next-generation security, enabling elevated degrees of cyber security.

Crafsol ML and AI services builds highly advanced and customized solutions. We are focused on improvisation of the algorithms after the machines have undergone some experience in identifying objects based on defined attributes which makes our approach unique.


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