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How to choose the right IoT Platform?

Choosing right IoT Platform can be a challenging task, coupled with confusion due to thousands options available. Choosing the right IoT platform isn’t as easy as it seems at first. There are numerous categories of IoT systems to consider, all of which offer more or less advanced options depending on your needs.
In this blog we are trying to guide to choosing the best IoT platform for your needs.

Factors to consider

While selecting an IoT platform, one has to consider some factors, These factors will help you narrow down applicable platform, like:

  1. Reason of implementing IoT
  2. What will be your scability needs
  3. What kind of support you need
  4. Does platform that you are selecting adheres to good security parameters

Keep in mind, platform that you are selecting is going to be huge investment and you need to be extra sure before doing it. While above factors help you narrow down the selection process, There are 3 – 4 aspects you need to consider or evaluate before choosing the platform


While implementing any new tool in the business ecosystem, first point that come in mind is end result and ROI. In this aspect one needs to ensure proper road map is created, even before the platform is selected. Performance metrics are well defined and attributed to respective KPI in the implementation process

Application Industry

Probably even more important point than ROI which needs attention is ‘Application‘ Requirements will drastically change based on application industry. Just to take example medical field will require 100% reliability considering the criticality attached to it. Offshoring will require consistent operations and global connectivity. considering similar requirement for your application than selecting a platform makes real sense.


One needs to take security very seriously while Implementing IoT
IoT devices have become a massive and popular target for cyber attack and during migration when data is in in-transit mode it is even more vulnerable. Unsecured IoT can lead to major risks such as financial losses, info leaks, reputation losses

Bandwidth and Cost

Well, while implementing we may not find this important, however it is very critical aspect when it comes to operational success later on. For ex. Some businesses need lot of data transmission where as some would need lot of storage. Bandwidth will also important with respect of getting desired result of the IoT. One needs to consider current requirement, growth expectancy and capability for Platform to support both.

Data Delivery

if your desired platform is just going to deliver data from a single or two sources, than its point which needs your attention. Consider a situation where your delivery source had a crash, like power outage, connectivity errors or any other case, your system will be unable to work or work in negative manner. Select a platform which offer multiple delivery methods like cloud, on-premise or edge.

Choosing an IoT platform is not easy, but taking the time to research and compare different services could be a game-changer. Crafsol has inherited capability to understand your business action as per define road map and KPI

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