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4 Reasons to implement facial recognition technology right now

As this article series outlines, risk associated with human touch by the Covid 19 pandemic has underlined the urgent need for touch-free systems at workplace. Businesses are looking to adopt facial recognition system for attendance at workplaces. A facial recognition software is advanced enough today to recognize faces despite a difference in illumination and factors such as ageing. Today the technology is used in a number of sectors ranging from law enforcement and security to retail.

How facial recognition technology works

1- First, the facial recognition software captures your face as a picture or video.

2- Facial recognition algorithm “sees” faces as data. The software maps the geometry of your face. It focuses primarily on the space between your eyes and the distance between your forehead and chin. Next, it identifies landmarks that distinguish your face from others. Now, the software has built your facial signature.

3-Lastly,this ;signature’ of you is compared to a database to identify your face with accuracy.

Why use facial recognition technology?

  • Security: The technology has proved to be an effective law enforcement tool for governments. Additionally, the technology cannot be hacked, which makes it suitable for locking and unlocking devices such as computers and smartphones.
  • Faster processing: It takes just one second for face recognition to process. This has proved beneficial for companies as it enables them to quickly verify a person. This, combined with the foolproof nature of the technology makes it a great way for applications such as seamless payments and logging attendance at workplace.
  • Improved services: Smooth integration offered by facial recognition systems could enable various sectors to improve their services. For instance, facial recognition could replace OTP in banking. In retail, shopping centers that “know” their customers could offer a more seamless shopping experience. This is also true of airports.
  • Contact-less system: Face recognition provides a non-intrusive way of verifying identities. As the world recovers from Covid-19 pandemic, touch-less systems are poised to become more relevant and mainstream.

Despite its many advantages and successful early adoption by many sectors, some businesses have been reluctant to implement facial recognition technology. High costs of implementation and doubts about the system’s ability to detect changes such as illumination and aging process are points of concern.

Crafsol has been focused on developing solutions that bring cutting edge technologies at affordable price points. Facial recognition technologies developed by us are being used across sectors such as banking, retail, and others. In order to know more about how Crafsol’s facial recognition technology might help your business become better and more reliable, reach out to us at: .


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