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We don’t realise it so often, but it still takes anywhere between 13 to 23 steps to book a flight ticket.

Can digital make our lives any easier?
Or is it just a change of medium – from paper to the screen.

Two things can solve this problem. First off, the process itself has to be made easy. That’s where the lean part counts. Secondly, the steps within the processes that can be automated must be done with help from the software. That’s the role of Robotic Process Automation (RPA).

Bring down lead time from days to minutes

Take for instance, the recruitment process in any organisation. There are disparate sources from where the HR receives applications – the careers section the web, recruitment agencies, job portals such as linkedin, internal reference programs and many others. But the applications are received in a variety of structure and forms.

A lot of effort is required just to sanitise and organise this data before one begins to work on the job applications through the recruitment software. The set of tasks can be fully automated using RPA. Often, it will bring down the lead time to process an application and reach to the person from days to minutes.

Enabled by process mining, Crafsol helps organisations to standardize and ensure waste-free automated processes.

Process Mining scrapes the transaction data, to define and discover the process. Futher, it visualizes the process to expose the wasteful methods and opportunities to improve and automate. RPA promises new ways to reduce the cycle times, significantly while improving the user or client experience.

BPI on your mind?

If you are considering Business Process Innovation (BPI) project, RPA is a default. Crafsol’s expertise in implementing ERP solutions for clients with strong lean focus is an added advantage when it comes to driving greater efficiency for your BPI programs through RPA.


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