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EHS – Disruptive Technologies that changing the way it operates!

Awareness about Environment, Health and Safety has been incremental over last couple of decades and lot has been invested proving EHS issues. Tracking injuries, transportation mishaps, leading indicators, and related environmental incidents are not easy.

Identifying the reason behind occurrence of particular incident, developing preventive measure is one of the key challenge for the companies.

However, the age we live in is poised to take that transformation several notches up, Huge investments in technologies like AI, ML and Big Data are being made by companies to achieve operational efficiency, these can very well important role in EHS as well.

In this blog, we will look at how ML, AI and Big data helps companies to improve their EHS department and which areas it can positively impact.

Artificial Intelligence:

AI is practically automating many tasks, and execute these task in effective and reliable model. This has released EHS executive to more valuable tasks.
Alongside, advanced AI systems are capable of integrating company’s data monitoring system, understand regulatory norms, and generate suggestions, prediction and actions to take for better decision making.

Big Data:

EHS has huge data, large amount of data is generated from sensors, control and monitoring systems and interpreting the same was big challenge in earlier days. With Big Data, companies get deeper insights and understanding of their employees, their behavior, operations, incident occurrence patterns, etc based on which EHS departments within a company can take preventive action, optimize reporting to improve performance of EHS department.

Machine Learning:

Machine Learning is everywhere in the businesses now, playing an important role all over different departments, in EHS as well, ML has great role to play for example: Industrial Hygiene, ML can offer a practical method to process data to build a predictive modelling resource, delivering a significant improvement in efficiency.

Let’s look at some of the factors where these technologies can be of great help

Occupational Safety

Big data & machine learning offers lot of insights when it comes ti identifying several risk factors connected to accidents, mishaps and incidents. Based intensity of risk a corrective actions can be planned. This proactive outlook helps companies to improve safety as well as productivity.

Risks analysis

Predictive analytics coupled by artificial intelligence, ML helps companies in identifying areas of risks, typical behavioral issues, typicality in mishaps etc. Utilizing predictive technologies enables management to be more proactive and opportunistic in the way they manage their operations. ML provides insights on the past data, and build realistic assumptions about when is it likely to happen.

Waste Management

Managing wastes at factories is a laborious job, ML helps to identify when a high quantity of waste is generated during the production day. Alongside, it also helps manufacturing units to visualize the location, quality, type of waste that will be generated

These just few benefits listed here, while the list can long and long like predictive maintenance, EHS Audits etc. At Crafsol we strongly believe these disruptive technologies are changing the way EHS can operate.

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