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CIO’s Checklist for Post-Covid business continuity

Welcome back to the world!

But things aren’t the same as in the past.

Covid-19 pandemic has transformed the way businesses operate. A digital transformation is underway. Communication as well as transactions are going digital as social distancing and remote working becomes the norm. Ensuring business continuity in such circumstance means businesses must have a digital transformation strategy in place. In order to design such a strategy, we first need to understand what are the challenges a business will encounter while embarking on the digital journey.

The inevitability of digital transformation

Until recently, digital transformation was a distant possibility but the Covid-19 pandemic has made it an urgent requirement. The quick shift from workplace to working from home means businesses have to setup IT infrastructure and enable people with relevant remote-working technology within weeks. It is time to quicken the pace of digital transformation, and how businesses and their IT heads manage it is the key to success.

Increased responsibility for data security

The way IT systems in a company work will change beyond recognition in this time of crisis. In order to enable employees to work from home, the IT team might have to open up access rights to key data. This could also create additional challenge in terms of data security.

Enabling employees with technology

Digital transformation means employees will have to be trained in using digital tools as quickly as possible. As businesses embark on better adaption of digital tools amidst the pandemic, they also need to make employees aware about online frauds, hacks and phishing attacks.


While this is happening, IT is also driving improvement in customer experience, product and services. Thus, businesses must now have IT platforms capable of serving both customers as well as employees. Crafsol has a long experience in building capable IT platforms. If you want to strengthen your IT platform and ensure a smooth digital transformation, we should get in touch.


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