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Cloud Maintanance

Complete Care Partnership With Cloud Maintenance

At Crafsol, our goal is to guarantee that your cloud assets are always working at their peak. We accomplish this by continuously monitoring server performance, ensuring that all apps are operational, load balancing, utilizing a content delivery network, and utilizing the most up-to-date tools and resources.

Continuous monitoring of your cloud assets is essential for peak performance. We do this by monitoring memory utilization, bandwidth usage, server problems, disc usage (I/O), and memory leaks on a frequent basis. You will be alerted of any unusual behaviour or concerns, as well as the efforts taken to contain them, by mobile and email notifications.

We take security risks seriously, and our security professionals are continuously on the lookout for dangers so that they may be resolved before any damage occurs. We do not need you to disclose a security breach. This will give you piece of mind.

Managed IT Infrastructure Services

About Service

An infrastructure maintenance service that includes automatic monitoring of all services, regardless of whether they are in the cloud or not, which allows us to carry out preventive and corrective actions at the necessary time. Its coverage extends beyond its own management and support, protecting your critical data, servers, services, and applications in the cloud, helping companies continue their path to digital transformation.

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Crafsol Offers 24X7 Cloud Maintenance Services

No cloud technology is out of reach for our certified engineers; from designing the architecture to administering and accomplishing cloud migration goals, we will assure a smooth operation with built-in flexibility and scalability choices. Crafsol will continuously monitor the health, performance, and security of assets hosted on Amazon Web Service, Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure, Joyent, Rackspace, or any other private cloud.

Cloud Infrastructure Configuration

Our specialist cloud professionals start by determining your website or application's requirements, and then re-enforce cloud segments into the module to create the cloud architecture for your operations.


Data deployment in the cloud is unquestionably cost-effective! However, it is always essential to have a dedicated team of specialists for sites that receive a high volume of traffic and to regularly manage the cloud storage.


If you've made the wise decision to migrate to the cloud, our team of cloud professionals is ready to help. We will make every effort to provide you with the greatest Cloud architecture at the most affordable prices.

Benefits of Cloud Maintenance by Crafsol

Bring in efficiency, focus on strategic issues and tasks related to staffing and IT infrastructure maintenance.

Meet new demand and still maintain application performance and reliability.

Bring down IT costs, eliminate capital investment in realty, reduce energy consumption on heating and cooling.

Exercise control over resources, bandwidth, and hardware.

Retain the ability to meet compliance requirements and operational standards.