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Digital dashboard for better coordination and insights

A smart watch is not enough to track your health.

Having a smart watch will seem great to anyone who is serious about improving their health. It can track how much you exercised, how many calories you burned, and even your pulse.
But does it track a person’s mental health? No.

An vital factor concerning overall health is not being measured. If there were a single platform collect and meaningfully display all data concerning mental and physical health, it would be easier to measure and improve a person’s health.

Likewise just the ERP or CRM alone may not be enough to track the health of your business, especially in uncertain times such as COVID. For times like this, there has to be a unified dashboard to track four key areas:

  • Financial health
  • Production health
  • Order booking health
  • Resources health

All these aspects are important and interlinked. For example, a quality manager’s main concern is the number of rejections and how to reduce them, but data about budget, resources, and access to order book will help improve his performance. Similarly, the marketing team could leverage information about production to build a better marketing strategy.

However, with your team scattered and business being affected by uncertainty, keeping track of vast data and coordinating with you team becomes challenging.

A common platform where data is collected and presented meaningfully for entire team to access would make considerable difference to your business. That’s exactly what a digital dashboard does.

What a digital dashboard can do for you

A digital dashboard is an online tool that uses advanced business intelligence technology to collect information from various sources, and display it in simple yet meaningful manner, and make it easy for you to share it with your team. While digital dashboards have already appeared on the business horizon, advanced versions of these tools use business intelligence programming to bring better visualization and insights to data. This technology ensures seamless coordination and insightful decision-making. While your production team can upload excel sheets relating to inventory, the dashboard can also be linked to your social media accounts to fetch data about how your online marketing campaign is doing.

Why implement digital dashboard

  • Faster to deploy and easier to use than conventional softwares.
  • Can collect data from digital accounts as well as uploaded digital documents.
  • Puts all your data on a secure server making it easy for your team to access it remotely.
  • While whole data is available in one place, access can be restricted by setting up permissions.
  • Offers control over which data you want to monitor, and helps make insightful decisions.


Digital dashboards are emerging as a preferred way to seamlessly collect data from teams and achieve better coordination and decision-making for businesses. At Crafsol Technologies, we work to make these tools available to you at the right price points. Crafsol’s digital dashboard makes use of advanced business intelligence programming to collect and present data insights.

If you want to improve data collection, coordination and decision-making of your team, get in touch with us. Write to us at


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