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Clear foresight for better decisions

Especially in the data Driven world foresight is critical for guiding strategy and insuring in competitive edge. Crafsol’s focus is on cognitive customer analytics, next generation process analytics, and IOT analytics. Together, the services provide you one of the most comprehensive view in developing the foresight for better decision-making.

Customers today expect a seamless experience. This means businesses have to orient their processes to customer requirements in real time. The ability to make the right things available to the customer in his ‘moment of truth’ is a game changer. Crofsol’s analytics and data science solutions help you to win customers, both internal and external and, by enabling a seamless experience.

Leverage the power of predictive analytics to derive real-time insights and reduce customer churn. We help our clients solve the toughest data challenges, predict demand for products and services to improve customer satisfaction and guide business strategies based on knowledge and foresight.

Our Specialties

Develop customized

statistical models and algorithms

Leverage advanced

customer, operational and IoT analytics

Generate and deploy

intelligent insights in near real time

Data science

Services we Offer

We help our clients reduce revenue leakages and boost bottom line productivity using advanced data science solutions.Our team of experts enables you to find innovative ways to strategize and optimize operations while exploring new market opportunities.

Customer first attitude, holistic view of your customers including behavioral and cognitive insights

Recommendation Engine – increase upsell and cross sell opportunities using personalized product/ service recommendations

Demand Analytics – improve demand prediction by correlating historical sales information with internal and external data (weather, events, social, economic data etc.)

IoT based tracking of assets in road transportation with real-time cost-metrics dashboard

Projects and Solutions

Efficient tracking of transportation and smart warehouse for perishable goods using IoT

Reducing costs and cycle time for export approvals with RPA

Intelligent warehouses with optimised space and operational cost metrics using cloud based solution

IoT based tracking of assets in road transportation with real-time cost-metrics dashboard

Success Story

Data science

Enabling business intelligence in logistics

One of the fastest growing logistics companies with global operations was looking to monitor performance for thei service levels and on-time collection of accounts receivables for their clients. The project aimed at creating this visibility for the Warehouse Managers, improve the service levels and ensure greater customer satisfaction.

The implementation of BI platform provided

  • Interactive dashboards
  • OLAP for easy slicing and dicing of data including flexible and multiple filters
  • Self-service reporting to prepare on-the-fly reports and meet changing information needs
  • ETL module to pull data from ERP and transaction fulfillment from Delivery App
  • User levels with span of control and authority

The BI platform is hosted on Client’s Data Center and maintenance carried by the internal IT Team. Ongoing support is provided by Crafsol on need basis by our experts.

Utility Services
Data science

A challenging project with ‘data’ constraints

A leading Middle East based enterprise in utility services was looking to develop an BI solution that would help to summarise the energy and water billing with receivables. A data warehouse on the Oracle platform was built by Crafsol.

The constraints included

  • A dated ERP system with limited support and changes possible
  • The financial software platform was very basic with limited features
  • Limited resources at the Client IT Team with relatively less experience in DW technology
  • Limited budgets and fixed costs

Crafsol was able to substantially reduce the ETL time to deliver near ‘real-time’ results and insights for the Client. The work was completed by Crafsol’s expert team as a service and the support is offered to the local IT team as needed.

Pump Manufacturer
Data science

Building and running the Center of Excellence for a leading pump manufacturer

One of Europe’s specialist Pump manufacturer wanted to build the BI platform. Crafsol suggested a more long-term approach given the availability of data and market environment. Client agreed to take Crafsol’s help to build and run a Center of Excellence from India with dedicated resources.

The solution included:

  • End-to-end consulting to build the BI road map
  • Identify the right team of 5 experts in India to support the Center
  • Implement BI on an end-to-end basis
  • Creating predictive models for analysing Dealer risks, based on the earlier behavior

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