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Especially in the data Driven world foresight is critical for guiding strategy and insuring in competitive edge. Crafsol’s focus is on cognitive customer analytics, next generation process analytics, and IOT analytics. Together, the services provide you one of the most comprehensive view in developing the foresight for better decision-making.

Customers today expect a seamless experience. This means businesses have to orient their processes to customer requirements in real time. The ability to make the right things available to the customer in his ‘moment of truth’ is a game changer. Crofsol’s analytics and data science solutions help you to win customers, both internal and external and, by enabling a seamless experience.

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We help our clients reduce revenue leakages and boost bottom line productivity using advanced data science solutions.Our team of experts enables you to find innovative ways to strategize and optimize operations while exploring new market opportunities.

  • Customer First Attitude

    Holistic view of your customers including behavioral and cognitive insights

  • Recommendation Engine

    Increase upsell and cross sell opportunities using personalized product/ service recommendations

  • Demand Analytics

    Improve demand prediction by correlating historical sales information with internal and external data (weather, events, social, economic data etc.)

  • IoT based Tracking of Assets

    Road transportation with real-time cost-metrics dashboard

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To leverage full potential of the data requires businesses to efficiently connect, collect, organize, store, manage and process the data.

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