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Leverage the power of data

Crafsol helps businesses to deal with data of any size, form and flow through effective Data Lakes. Developers and data scientists can leverage the power of Data.

Define, design, and develop the capabilities of dealing with data of any size, shape, and speed. Empower your developers, data scientists and analysts with the right tools to leverage quintillions of bytes of data.

We help our clients empower their developers, data scientists, and analysts with the right tools to leverage  best results from data lakes

Our Specialities

Create a reservoir for

enterprise, social, and device information.

Enable data governance

and enterprise-wide access controls

Rapid decisions

Drive faster and accurate decision making

Reduce the time to

access and locate data to accelerate preparation and reuse

Data Lakes

Services we Offer

Crafsol’s Data Lakes offering helps you with

Strategy & Roadmap Access business goals and accordingly create reference technical, logical, and physical architecture.

Prototyping & Tool to Evaluate/ prototype tools and technologies to find the best-fit solution.

Data Integration, access & services Integrate existing data sets and tools with advanced solutions.

Develop, deploy, and enable seamless adoption of data lake across the organization.

Data Lakes

Projects and Solutions

Built an ecosystem for a major healthcare company to improve operational efficiencies and increase the bottom line.

healthcare company to improve operational efficiencies and help to take the business to next level

Built a data lake for

the largest non goverment organisation to optimize their path-to-purchase analytics and increase membership

Designed and built a data

analytics platform to completely assess risk and  possibilities for one of the largest Insurance company.

Data Lake for

for biggest investment banking company for generate and predict excellent investment recommendation

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