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Cognitive RPA: The next step in automation

Are you caught between the digital and manual processes?

Your factory’s electrical systems are monitored via an advanced digital interface. Your facility has significant occurrences of over-voltage, but not all of them are serious. However, every other little fault in the electrical system is now logged and brought to you via a digital report.

The electrician must now sift manually through all these reports to determine which of the threats is actually serious and needs attention. Here, he is handling digital documents manually. True digital transformation implies eliminating the need for human interaction in digital systems.

Imagine having a software which identifies serious issues on its own, and only sends you a single e-mail when over-voltage instances cross an acceptable threshold.

What is Cognitive RPA?

Cognitive Robotic Process Automation is different than ordinary Robotic Process Automation in that it can handle more complicated tasks that need some human intervention. Cognitive RPA uses machine learning and natural language processing to understand patterns of human behaviour and improve data and services.

Plain RPA deployed in a bank will only process thousands of structured digital forms and update customer database. Cognitive RPA on the other hand can identify discrepancies in the name on the form and the name on ID of a customer.

Why implement cognitive RPA?

  • Automate information collection and validation tasks such as sending routine emails and forms.
  • Automate maintenance of inventory database, medical records and financial records in healthcare.
  • Create smart chat-bots that can interact with customers in a more humane manner.

Cognitive RPA is the next step in the evolution of Robotic Process Automation. Crafsol Technologies is making efforts to make this advanced technology available for Indian businesses at affordable costs. If your business needs to process thousands of documents and bridge gaps in data, Crafsol’s cognitive RPA solutions might be just what you need.

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