Future-proof your Business with a unified cloud platform - SAP BTP

Respond faster to market changes, automate workflows, and make data-driven decisions with our comprehensive platform. 

Why choose Crafsol for SAP BTP?

Crafsol is your trusted partner for unlocking the full potential of SAP BTP. Our team of certified consultants will help you. Let’s delve into what SAP BTP offers and how it can benefit your organization.

The business landscape is evolving rapidly. 70% of organizations have transformed business processes in 2022, highlighting the need for agility and adaptability. Advanced data analytics is a top priority for CFOs, and organizations are accelerating innovation to stay ahead of the curve.

SAP BTP addresses these critical needs by:

Enabling data-driven decisions

Reducing IT costs

Delivering agile and flexible processes

Future-proofing IT solutions

Accelerating time to value

Complying with regulatory requirements

What is SAP BTP?

The SAP Extension Suite within BTP empowers even those with limited coding experience to create new business solutions.  Tools like SAP Business Application Studio provide visual modeling, user interface assembly, and business logic development capabilities:

App Development & Low-Code/No-Code

Build custom applications and workflows visually, with minimal coding required.


DevOps Automation

Automate development, testing, and deployment processes for faster delivery and reduced errors.



Seamlessly connect your SAP and non-SAP applications to eliminate data silos and improve process efficiency.


Data & Analytics

Leverage advanced analytics to gain deeper insights from your data and make informed decisions.


AI & Machine Learning

Integrate pre-built AI models or build your own to automate tasks, predict outcomes, and personalize experiences.


Benefits of SAP BTP with Crafsol

01 Enhanced user experience

02 Advanced data management

03 Scalability & security

04 Open & flexible platform

05 Reduced development time

BTP helps to modernize applications, advanced data management, foundational integration & services

Visual Modeler

- Design business objects, relationships, and integrations visually.

Visual Assembly

- Craft user interfaces with drag-and-drop functionality.

Visual Business Logic

- Model workflows, rules, and business events with ease.

Leveraging Process Automation for Enhanced Efficiency

BTP offers advanced process automation capabilities with features like:

Digital Assistants

- Interact with chatbots to collaborate and interact with SAP S/4HANA.


- Automate repetitive tasks with multiple bot workflows.

Situation Handling

- Proactively detect exceptions, notify users, and provide actionable insights

Machine Learning

- Utilize self-learning capabilities for continuous improvement.

IoT Integration

- Gain real-time transparency in business processes by leveraging sensor data.

Capabilities of Extensibility Framework for the Intelligent Enterprise

Crafsol’s team of experts can help you assess your business needs, design a customized BTP implementation strategy, and ensure a smooth and successful migration to the cloud.