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Industry 4.0 a revolution in Industrial and Manufacturing world, brings in perfect amalgamation of advanced manufacturing technique and IOT. Industry 4.0 provides real time data and analytics and enable smart manufacturing or production environment.

Crafsol IOT services work closely with its clients to create a transforming experience. Top companies are using Crafsol’s Industry 4.0 services achieve operational excellence. Using the software, data and analytics to make machines smart, we ensure to open tremendous possibilities for the manufacturers.

Craftsol’s unique approach aggregates all the situations which client wants to control while developing a solution, which ensures to build discerning data and probably right decision for you.

Benefits for you

Faster decision making

with real time reports

Ability to exploit

hidden manufacturing capacity

Improved efficiency

with increased innovation

Reduction in maintenance expenses

Industry 4.0

Services we Offer

Crafsol’s team guides through all stages of smart and digital transformation to ensure you derive maximum ROI minimum risks

  • Proven smart factory transformation
  • Implementing rules and best practices for digital transformation
  • Identify opportunities for improvement and elimition of riskks
  • Generate deeper insights to spot trends and performanc gaps

Industry 4.0

Project & Solutions

Predictive maintenance solution

empowered by over 200+ sensors and intepretors for One of India’s biggest chemicals processing company

IoT enabled analytics

for leading japanese company to eliminiate unwanted downtime, improved efficiency and better production planning

Crucial information

for electronic equipment management company to get better control over inventory management and reduce wastage

Successful implementation

of Industry 4.0 for niche OEM manufacturer to get real time data and better production output

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