A digital dose to solve the challenges and tap into the opportunities for the healthcare of the future

Healthcare has transformed into one of the most complex businesses in the last 20 years. From increased regulatory reforms, that are getting stringent by the day, to the rise of consumer activism to the demand for greater cost transparency, the sector is negotiating with multiple challenges even as the opportunity pie continues to grow, across every market.

Alongside, the digital economy, digitally empowered medical aid and diagnosis, new healthcare research and management frameworks are all set to change the way healthcare was being delivered in the past.

As a niche solution provider in the healthcare domain, Crafsol helps you to meet the demands of healthcare of the future across all key functions including diagnosis, delivery or business.

Our focus

Predictive Healthcare with

digital platforms to deliver accurate diagnosis and personalised, seamlessly.

Electronic Health Records for

Meaningful insights from the health records to reduce costs, improve patient care and ensure compliance.

Optimized Management

and IT costs as they gear to deliver the healthcare for the future.

Health Informatics

With greater user of data to leaverage predictive healthcare


Services We Offer

Crafsol has been working with hospitals as well as healthcare solution providers to deliver cutting edge technology services like

Remote Medical Care enabled by mobility, Crafsol empowers pharmaceuticals and healthcare services businesses to medical care, remotely

Partner with Hospitals to simplify business processes, reduce costs and improve profitability through easy to implement software

Deep Learning algorithms to deliver incisive medical and preventive care recommendations

Cloud-based solution to handle supply chain in a better manner for hospitals


Key Projects and Solutions

Enhancing medication

dosage in preventive healthcare using artificial intelligence

RPA to enable

faster processing of complaints, contracts, insurance claims and other transactions

Improved patient care

and satisfaction with advanced data science technologies

Partner to a leading

healthcare company to develop the software for its product to monitor of key health parameters

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