Virtual Reality

On a conceptual level virtual reality mimics, the real world for a specific situation with the help of hardware and related software to achieve synchrocity   that gives the mind a sense of immersion and presence.

There are top of the line gears available but the software’s are equally expensive. Some of the areas of application include:

  • Architecture
  • Sport
  • Medicine
  • The Arts
  • Entertainment : We are Jumping the line with our other industry experience. We are pretty nascent as compared to the pioneers in the field. But departing from the traditional products we have solutions specifically for:
  • Manufacturing : Training to operate complex equipment like Overhead cranes dumpers etc.Putting machine operators in their factory environments to operate CNC machines.
  • Education : Story telling with 3D Virtual Reality great is a phenomenal experience with children. The whole class can go for a story session with low-cost gear great graphics and a good software that puts the best elements together.


Factory Floor & Story Tell

Our software’s work across all platforms MAC PC, iPhones,Adroid.

  • We have a good library of films of the relevant environment so that the necessary elements for training can be superimposed.
  • You can send us the film of your location and we can impose the elements in the environment. E.g. your factory floor.
  • You can rent lease or buy the software depending on your needs. This will reduce your pay-back time and cost.
  • Dramatically reduce training time and reworks with our software’s and create digital kan-ban’s.
  • For educational purposes, you can rent visual gears form us for a day month year depending on the needs. Create fantastic story telling sessions. Increase better understanding and compliance and active  student participation.

Please call us to explore our products like Factory Floor and Story-Tell.