Robotic Process Automation RPA for SAP

Challenges of the new Era:

Two major challenges faced by business today are speed of business and enormity of data.  Both these factors decide the fate of business in this new world. Human capabilities are inadequate to handle both the issues. This has given rise to automation in business processes which has increased the speed business and data analysis. SAP is a powerful tool which has helped business automate various processes. The benefits of using SAP is mind boggling.

What is Robotic Business Process Automation?

A step further is Robotic Business Process Automation. In this system Robots or an invisible program performs various tasks mainly the repetitive tasks involved in business processes. Robotic process automations are very trendy and fascinating. Business using SAP could benefit by large. Robots would automate repetitive activities, in turn make SAP stronger, in the sense that the “RPA for SAP” processes are now more faster and less labour intensive.

Benefits to Business:

The essence of RBPA is to characterize an application/ software/ program as a Robot who can perform the prototypical tasks to precision. The key benefits of RBPA for an organization are:

  • Increased Effectiveness: Increased productivity and business agility
  • Improve Accuracy: Reduced error rate and improved accuracy
  • Improve Speed: Improved time to market and delivery of any task/ activity/ complete process
  • Increased Efficiency: Availability of robots 24 x 7
  • Reduce Cost: as an outcome of all the above forces, the cost of operations will be reduced

Key Applications:

Automating processes with a robot can be commonly deployed across all transactional business processes including finance transaction processing, personnel and customer related activities. Common areas that have seen success include payroll, accounts payable, employee action and customer service. One area robotic process automation has been historically applied in SAP environments is around document imaging. RBPA can be successful in areas including Sales & Distribution, Supply Chain, Finance, Human Capital Management, to name a few.

Why us?

The main issue with RBPA is not whether it will function, but how fast, accurate and reliable it is.  At Crafsol, we have experts who work in close tandem with the clients to understand their business requirements. With the expertise and rich knowledge in this field, our professionals would assist you to transform your business. We aim at providing customized solutions, increase business growth and lower costs, thereby achieving business excellence and customer trust.