Predictive Analytics

Predictive Analytics & Machine Learning with SAP HANA

“First to the market” is the key to business success. ‘Predict and Act’ is the most powerful plan of action rather than ‘sense and respond’. If you want to create a future for your business, precise prediction and analysis of data is required. There is a magic behind the power of accurate and faster prediction. SAP HANA is the answer! With SAP HANA one can predict the future in real time.

What is SAP HANA?

SAP HANA provides native in-memory machine learning capabilities for predictive analytics, text mining, optimization and time series forecasting. An unprecedented speed directly inside the database and combined with other advanced analytical processing capabilities like spatial or graph analysis in a multi-modal fashion enhances productivity. The SAP HANA predictive analytics library (PAL) includes over 90 algorithms for machine learning scenarios like cluster analysis, outlier detection, classification and regression analysis, association analysis, link prediction and recommendation analysis designed and optimized for massively parallel in-memory processing.

The extensibility options in SAP HANA to integrate external machine learning frameworks like R, SAS are now being enriched by a Google Tensorflow integration, which will allow organizations to build even smarter SAP HANA applications, for example by leveraging Tensorflow’s deep learning capabilities for image classification.

The power of Predictive Analysis

Predictive analytics has been around for decades, it’s a technology which is extensively used now. More and more organizations are turning to predictive analytics to increase their bottom line and competitive advantage. Why now?


  • Humongous volumes and forms of data, and growing curiosity in using data to generate valuable insights.
  • Faster, inexpensive computers.
  • User- friendly and interactive software.
  • Tougher economic conditions and a need for competitive differentiation.


With interactive and user- friendly software becoming more widespread, predictive analytics is no longer just the domain of mathematicians and statisticians. Business analysts and line-of-business experts are using these technologies as well, for analysing the vast data in real time scenario and predicting useful information for business growth.

The power of Machine Learning

Resurging interest in machine learning is due increasing need of data mining, growing volumes and varieties of available data, computational processing that is cheaper and more powerful, and affordable data storage. It is possible to quickly and automatically produce models that can analyze bigger, more complex data and deliver faster, more accurate results – even on a very large scale. By building precise models, an organization has a better chance of identifying profitable opportunities – or avoiding unknown risks.

Most industries working with large amounts of data have recognized the value of machine learning technology. By gleaning insights from this data – often in real time – organizations are able to work more efficiently or gain an advantage over competitors.

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