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Crafsol Business Solution

Captive Offshore Delivery Center

Organization’s outside the India are aware of what more they can accomplish with the Indian workforce.  Global Organization’s have realized the strategic benefit of having their own Indian office and their own workforce. However they are in search of the right implementation model and partner to make it a reality. We work with leading companies to establish their offices and teams in two potentially most important locations Pune and Indore in India. We take the ownership of ensuring successful implementation, from recruitment and facilities to ongoing project management. Crafsol Business Solutions provides Plethora of top notch services .We are your local partner on the ground committed to building a fantastic team and ensuring smooth operations.


  • Select Location – In which city (Pune and/ or Indore), would you like to start your office and operations?
  • Define Job Roles – To recruit the best people to work for your organization, we work with you to define job descriptions that will work best locally.
  • Select Office Suite – Depending on the size of your team and the type of work they will be doing, we setup an appropriate office within our Client Center.
  • IT & Communications – We get your specifications and requirements to setup computers, broadband, phone lines, and video conferencing-the whole works.we are one of the best BPO service Providers in India.
  • Recruit Your Team – We put potential candidates in front of you to interview and screen, and then help negotiate and facilitate their hiring.
  • Open Office – With the facilities setup and the employees hired and inducted into our Client Center, the office and team are ready to get to work.
  • Crafsol business solutions provide worldclass solutions across all major verticals.
  •  Crafsol Technology Solutions Provides Worldclass BPO Services across all major industry verticals in US,UK,Australia & Canada.

Top SAP Start Up Support

Our Key Offerings

  • Recruitment – Leverage Crafsol’s talent acquisition capabilities to recruit your team.
  • Office Space – We provide fully serviced Grade A office space worldwide flexible to scale up and down based on your  requirements.
  • Infrastructure – Our in-house IT team establishes and manages your customized IT and telecom footprint.
  • HR – We take full ownership of all core HR responsibilities so you are free to focus on managing your Core business.
  • Legal/Compliance – Our clients leverage our legal entity in each location, so you are shielded from compliance and other Risks.


Sr. No. Traditional Indian BPO Model Crafsol Model Our key differentiation and your potential benefit.
1 They have their own operational set up and don’t allow any interference. We are the supporting partner and do not interfere in the operations and critical decision making. Independence that is critical to scale up the operations.
2 High resource and infrastructure cost. We have adopted the mark up pricing. So there is a transparency of the cost which is essential to run the operations smoothly and successfully. i) Visible cost reduction than that of the traditional outsourcing.
ii) A lot more transparency which helps for better financial planning.
3 Long term contract. The minimum duration as per traditional SLA standard is 1 year. 360 degree flexibility in the contract duration. Zero complexity.
4 Rigid exit clauses and hefty penalty on contract termination. We ask our client’s to draft the exit clause and with no penalty on contract termination. No burden of contractual binding.
5 Built Operate and Transfer clause is the biggest NO for traditional BPO companies. The natural progression for our client in this Model is to register and start their own business. We at Crafsol consider this step as our success story and highly encourage our client’s to achieve their dream. No vision clashes.
6 Traditional BPO houses run on 6 months advance billing. We run on 2 months advance billing. Greater financial leverage.
7 Very few BPO units in India have their in-house Software development divisions. Crafsol has world class software development unit. Added advantage to stay ahead in the Global competition.

Our Key Strengths

  • Lightening fast Setup – We understand the value of time and therefore offer the quickest bespoke set up.
  • Minimal Risk – Our model drastically reduces and quantifies the risk companies take on with their overseas operations.
  • Less Investment – Start your operations in the least possible investment.
  • 360 degree Flexibility of doing business – With this model our client’s have 360 degree of freedom.
  • Scalability – Most of our client stories are growth stories. We are committed to helping clients scale their operations. Setup team as small as 5 members and Scale headcount to 500+ per location.We are providing best end to end BPO services in India across all major industry verticals like Healthcare,Banking & finance,Insurance,Logistics etc.
  • Protect IP – We help clients maintain full control and ownership of their intellectual property overseas.
  • Predictable Cost – Knowing the total cost of operations upfront removes uncertainties of the financial risks involved
  • Reliable Timelines – We’ve developed a proven method for getting companies setup and running at full productivity without unforeseen delays.

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Plug N’ Play Desk Service

We at Crafsol respect the phenomenon called “Idea”. If you have the idea and a dream to execute it, then forget all other worries. We let you focus on your dream and take care of the rest of the hassles like, Company set up, IPR, Branding, Technical support and Infrastructure that is required. We are committed to protect your idea legally, provide you the state of the art facility, world class IT infrastructure and the required statutory support.

Start-Up Support

Our Plug N’ Play Desk service is ideal for Indian Start up business. For every start-up we understand that the biggest challenge is “Funds”. Often they are confused and not properly guided on following most important issues –

  • How to raise funds?
  • How to scale up the operations?
  • Which are the best suited ways to market and position the services/ products?
  • How to set up the right alliances?
  • Precise training need – Very often the Start up requires a precise training which should be less time consuming and must deliver the required knowledge which is the need of the time.


Crafsol provides platform that helps start-up companies get access to connect with Angels and VCs for fundraising.



  • Enabling entrepreneurs and companies to scale up their businesses by securing funding
  • Providing opportunities for investors to participate in attractive business propositions
  • Making entrepreneurs investor-ready and handholding them through various stages of fund raising

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Mystery Shopping

We deeply understand the market research function. We have gained valuable expertise in Mystery Shopping Services through our work with various mystery shopping providers across the world. We have worked in all phases of the mystery shopping cycle and are aware of the intricacies involved in each phase – shopper database creation, shopper scheduling, content editing of shopper form and analytic.

What do we find out with Mystery shopping research?

  • How your employees receive or establish their first contact with the customer (greeting, smile, mood, etc.)
  • How your employees could be of more help to the customer
  • What the employee’s time response is
  • How the sales staff responds to the customer complaints
  • How sales staff sells: aggressively, passively etc.
  • How it looks to be your customer
  • How the competition behaves towards the customer (benchmarking services and relations with the customer)
  • What the business compliance with internal standards and legal regulations is
  • What the sales techniques of staff and their knowledge of the products or services are
  • What the qualifications of staff for the work they do are

How can we use the information collected in the mystery shopping survey?

  • For comparative analysis of locations in time and space and the establishment of an appropriate reward system after-effects and performance
  • For comparison with the competition
  • To identify deviations from standards and legal regulations
  • To detect weaknesses in the sale in relation to the customer
  • As a basis for the introduction of changes in the behavior of sales staff
  • As a basis for motivation, reward and training of sales personnel
  • For monitoring the effects of introduced changes in the behavior of sales staff
  • To measure the impact of changes in products, systems, employees’ approach, working time, advertising, etc. on the customer and the sale
  • As a basis for the survey of customer satisfaction
  • As a basis for defining the expectations and objectives of sales staff






Online Research Services

Crafsol has core expertise in executing variety of online research projects. Our experienced and talented research team with domain expertise in diverse fields has allowed us to undertake almost any research assignment. Over the last decade we have gained a reputation of converting online data into useful insights for our clients. When data turns into useful insights, there are benefits to be reaped.


We are constantly evaluating our online research methods and trying to add value to our delivery. We adopt both qualitative and quantitative research methods to offer primary and secondary research services. We offer a host of useful online research services that can help customers in making right business decisions. Our web research services include –


  1. Competitive Intelligence :- Competitive intelligence is being aware of what’s happening outside your business and not knowing that hurt you. Do you know how your peer circle is performing? Are you at pace with the top notches in the industry? Do you not care what news your competitors are making? Crafsol helps you discover the unknown.
  2. Industry Profiling :- This is a dynamic market where growth is guaranteed only if you are aware of the business dynamics around you. Industry Profiling is a necessity because you must react and adapt quickly streamlining your business processes. We cover your industry sector of interest by using the PESTLE methodology.
  3. Online Surveys :- An online survey is one of the most useful way to judge the decision making process of a buyer. An online survey can help you in profiling your customers. Insights from an online survey can help you connect with your potential market, current customers, supplier universe, etc, to get the real feel of the market.
  4. Secondary Research :- Looking to enter in a new business or launching a new product, begin with a secondary research service from Crafsol to understand the market potential and what customers expect from your industry. Going for a primary research at the beginning is not advisable as it is expensive and time taking. Therefore, it is recommended that a secondary research is done so that you can decide whether to invest in primary research or not.
  5. News Sourcing and Market Updates :- Get latest news and Market updates from Crafsol to keep you updated on what’s new happening in your industry, what’s new your competitors are up to and what are the latest trends among buyers. We collect relevant information from reputable news sources and make them accessible to you at the right time when they matter to you the most.

Data Entry Services

Effective data management is mission critical for every organization. Any issue in terms of quality or delay in data processing hampers customer service & the profitability as well.

Crafsol Business Solutions provides timely and accurate offshore Data Entry services & data capture solutions to variety of industries and companies. A range of advanced tools and highly experienced in-house team captures your data with the highest degree of accuracy & speed at cost-effective rates.


Our data entry services include –

1. Data Mining, Tabulation, Analysis: This analysis is customer centric and is done as per the data and client requirement. In data mining the right kind of data is used and stored. Tabulation is used when huge number of data has to be covered in a systematic manner. Analysis can be done in paragraphs, or pie charts or histograms. Even graphs are a good way to project data. We use these and many more types of analysis.


2. Data Conversion Service Offerings: PDF ConversionPDF to Word, Excel, PowerPointPDF to JPG

Print to PDF

ePub to PDF

Docx / Doc to PDF


Scan to PDF

PDF to Text, OCR

Image to Text

OCR Conversion from & to: PDF, Word

XML Conversion from & to: CSV, Excel, XSD, HTML, PDF

HTML Conversion from & to: PDF, PSD, Word

Excel Conversion from & to: PDF, XML

Book Conversion

Our well thought out data conversion and document conversion process provides output that all our clients’ desire and deserve. We also provide you with an initial sample work on your requirement. Once you approve, we take it forward from there.

With proven domain expertise in data conversion and document conversion, we assure you of uncompromised quality of services and a prominent outsourcing experience. You also can be rest assured of your information security as Crafsol Business Solutions practices multilayered security processes.


3. Volume Data Entry (Handwritten or images): We have a huge database of handwritten and imagery which we store as per the business domain folders made. This makes things classified and requires less time while extracting data in the future.


4. Indexing and Bookmarking: Indexing and Bookmarking are a planned way of treating data. At particular sections and for particular adhoc requests also we use this application. This also is used when a particular study is undertaken by Crafsol Business Solutions for one or many clients.




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