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If you are running a business and looking out for reliable, high quality yet cost-effective and budget friendly solutions, Crafsol can be the ultimate service provider with its excellent SAP Business Intelligence Services. We can bring in the best results and positive outcomes in the shortest time periods irrespective of the voluminous work. Henceforth, Crafsol has been successful in carving a name in the industry.
Our team of senior consultants comes with extensive experience in implementing challenging Business Intelligence Solutions and upgrading to the latest BI and SAP HANA solutions. We have the expertise and experience to deliver Visual Dashboards, Real-time reporting options and BI upgrades. We specialize in architecting large, scalable BI solutions. In addition, we have extensive experience in integrating BI with other SAP solutions such as ERP, CRM, SCM, Enterprise Portals and Mobile devices. We also provide consulting services in implementing a wide range of planning scenarios such as Financial Budgeting, Sales Forecasting, CRM Marketing, Trade Promotion Planning using BPC and BI Integrated Planning (IP).


BI IP is a Planning and Budgeting tool which is the ideal replacement of Excel sheets and other legacy tools currently used for planning. It offers a range of planning functions and layout options. Since it uses the same master data and actuals transaction data as the underlying BI system, any actuals based planning or actuals vs. planned reporting becomes easy.


Harnessing the corporate information into a result oriented and positive decision making is a challenging and difficult task. There are abundance of obstacles and hurdles that a company or an organization faces on a daily basis. Let us get an insight of the obstacles that can hamper the decision making of a company.

  • Lack of understanding or agreements.
  • Inadequate technologies.
  • Lack of data consistency across the system.
  • Inappropriate standards for business needs
  • Multiple sources of data.

These are some of the primary issues that are usually faced by the small scale business houses and must be scaled down if your ultimate aim is to maintain the pace of your business in the right direction.

Best Business Intelligence Services

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  • Avail the accessibility to the historical data and information and thereby make sound and wise business decisions.
  • The employees become more responsive.
  • You get to know about the different avenues for making money.
  • The employees get the opportunity to access all kinds of information right in time.
  • The integration of the data gives rise to more comprehensive and deep analysis.
  • There is end to end solution provided.

The above benefits are some of the attributes that can be experienced by you if you opt for the business intelligence for SAP services from Crafsol. We will make sure that you are 100% satisfied and we also promise to render the highest level services that are very hard to find with other service providers operating in the market.

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Our team of staff members is competent enough and has the full potential to effectively meet the challenges and the demands of the customers and the clients in the best possible manner exactly the way it is expected from a reliable and efficient service provider. Crafsol is here to provide the long term strategies at an affordable price rate.