Our Mobile BI App Delivers The Right Results in Time

Often we need to make critical business decisions and come up with an immediate conclusion. This is where the SAP Business Intelligence or BI of Crafsol can be of immense help and benefit. Our mobile BI apps helps you to get connected anywhere anytime on any device. The SAP mobile BI program is popular and widely accepted among the people throughout the world because of its easy accessibility and the interactive visuals and the excellent searching aid that it provides.

What are the benefits of SAP mobile BI?

  • You are able to make more decisions by accessing more information both online and offline.
  • Boosting the efficiency and the productivity of the experts of your company in their respective subject matters.
  • Your business venture keeps running and operating smoothly without any disruptions.
  • You have the option to reuse of the deployed Business Intelligence (BI) and the functions of the variable platforms and henceforth it lowers the cost.
  • There are positive results witnessed in the business ventures and the delivery of the work is also done right in time.
  • This application is extremely helpful and has proved to be immensely beneficial for the employees on the go because no matter where they are
    able to access the details and the database or information about the company.


Execute your strategies in a better way and get positive results with Our Excellent Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) Solutions

How about maintaining high end performance at every level in your company or business organization? Try out our Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) solutions that can help and aid you in translating your corporate business goals into specific metrics that each and every individual can understand. Some of the benefits of EPM solutions can be traced as below:

  • Enhancement in the performance level.
  • There is an improvement in the planning, budget making and executing as well.
  • Quicker and more accurate financial report analysis.
  • There is improvement in the decision making.
  • The mobile service solutions can help in the EPM programs.

Get Your Analytics Right

It is high time when you should also opt for our risk balanced and strategized management services provided by the talented and the professional experts or specialists.